Welcome to HookLogic / AutoHook and What to "Expect"


Not long ago, I posted and article titled "Customer Service at HookLogic / AutoHook". In this article I reviewed the many different ways our dealer clients can contact us. Whether it's for support, training or a general question - we have you covered.

Providing avenues of "Pro-active" support in todays world is imperative to be successful. It allows a business the opportunity to answer questions and provide help to a client before it becomes an actual issue. Continuing on with this "pro-active" approach to support, I thought it only made sense to post a short article around what happens after a new dealer client has signed up to increase their Lead to Show using our HookLogic AutoHook suite of products.

Below is "What to Expect" to ensure a smooth and efficient on-boarding process when you partner with us.

Welcome to HookLogic / AutoHook

What to Expect:

Phase 1: Request Form

  1. Our Dealer Support team will be contacting you via email.
  2. Click the URL provided in the email and complete the information request form.
  3. Contact Dealer Support at (646)467-8228 with any questions throughout this process.

Phase 2:Implementation

Once the information request form is complete, Dealer Support team will email you instructions

Web2Show: Forward these instructions to your web provider, along with approval to add script to your website. • Lead2Show: Have 3rd Party leads forwarded to HookLogic email address provided in instructions email.

Note: Most of the time this can be done directly through your CRM system. Other times you may need to forward these instructions to your CRM provider.

Phase 3:Training

Sign-up your team for training to get the most out of your HookLogic experience!

  1. A client service representative will reach out to you with training information.
  2. Go to: www.leadtoshow.com/training-webinars to:

• View videos and tutorials (currently found in the upper left corner of your admin screen) • Sign up for a live training (every Thursday at 11:30am EST) on how to implement the applicable product:

Keys to Successful Implementation:

  1. Timely action throughout all phases: The on-boarding process can take as little as a day when action is taken promptly.
  2. Effective communication: Ensure proper contact information is provided throughout the process.
  3. Follow-up: The Dealer Support team will follow-up when actions are not complete or if the process is moving slower than expected. We ask that you do the same with your Web and/or CRM providers when necessary.
  4. Training: Please make sure to register your team for training as soon as possible

Questions or concerns?

Please contact Dealer Support by email dealersupport@hooklogic.com or phone (646) 467-8228.