December 2017

'Tis The Season...To Get MORE Out of Your Data!

Watch the AAAS Opening Keynote

David Metter Live from PCG's Automotive  Analytics & Attribution Summit

Watch the recording of the December 13th DealerRefresh Live Chat, LOST SALES: WHY THEY HAPPEN & HOW TO REDUCE THEM -  featuring Ben Robertaccio, Marketing Director of Morrie's Automotive Group, and AutoHook President, David Mette

What Dealers Don't Know About Their "Best" Salespeople

Watch the #AAAS2017 Expert Panel, We Need Better Marketing Levers to Increase Showroom Traffic

Have you Heard About TCA?

AutoHook's Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA) is the first-ever report that allows dealers to view lost sales tied to a specific Salesperson, Dealer or Brand, Lead or Traffic Source, Model, Time Frame, & More...ALL IN ONE REPORT!

Hyundai Donates to National Park Service

Forbes - 3 Ways Electric Vehicles are Changing Everything

VISUAL IQ - 6 Marketing Trends We’ll See in 2018: Art Meets Science

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November 2017


Featured News


Register for the Dec. 13th Webinar with AutoHook President, David Metter, and the Marketing Director of Morrie's Automotive group, Ben Robertaccio, for a first hand account of how one dealer reduced lost sales by 50% despite down market conditions.

November Blogs

10 Key Takeaways from the Data Discussion of 2017 - Featuring commentary from Steve White, Shaun Kniffin, Ben Robertaccio, and David Metter.

Have You Heard About TCA?

In Case You Missed It - TCA Case Study, Facebook Live Recorded of #DSES2017 Panel, DealerOn Webinar with David Metter, Recent Blogs.

Upcoming Events

Women in Automotive

Industry News from Around the Web

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October 2017

Happy Halloween!

Watch the Data Discussion of The Year

Live from #DSES2017 Courtesy of DealerRefresh

October Blogs

How to Sell Cars in 1939 - Uncovered Documents Reveal Not Much Has Changed...

EXECUTION: Uncovering Big Data's Missing Piece

Do You Have the Power To Know What You're Losing?

Upcoming Events


Winning Means Knowing What You're Losing: Opening Keynote with David Metter, President, AutoHook powered by Urban Science

PASCHON PODCAST: Why the ADF Specification Needs to Be Updated


Women in Automotive, December, 2017

AutoHook Introduces Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA)

Watch the DealerON Webinar: How to Use Yesterday's Data to Sell More Cars Today - Presented by David Metter

October Headlines

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Fall Events Newsletter 

Your #DSES & #JDPowerAMR Navigation Guide

Free Limos on AutoHook ALL WEEK!

View Our Limo Schedule

Ride With us to TOPGOLF!

The Most Action-Packed Dealer Panel of the Year

THE DATA DOESN'T LIE: Shocking Discoveries in Automotive Attribution - Join AutoHook's David Metter, Shaun Kniffin of Germain Motor Company, Ben Robertaccio of Morrie's Automotive Group, and Clarivoy CEO and Founder, Steve White!

The Panel Starts Tuesday, 10.24.17 @ 9:50 AM

Get the Session Details

Visit the AutoHook Team for a $25 Reward with Demo

Your #DSES Twitter Board Sponsor

Join Us at JDP...Poolside

Visit AutoHook's Bellagio Cabana

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August 2017


With the Fastest, Most Accurate Sales Data in Existence

Featured News

AutoHook Integrates with Top Dealer Website Providers to Give Dealers Advanced Vehicle Targeting Capabilities

THE UNCUT STORY YOUR CRM CAN'T TELL YOU: You Can't Win Without Knowing What You're Losing

Upcoming Events

DealerOn Webinar: How to Use Yesterday's Data to Sell More Cars Today - September 14, 2017

AutoHook is Your Proud #DD23 Transportation Sponsor

Catch David Metter's #DD23 Session on Tuesday, September 19th!

Fall Conferences

AutoHook is a Proud Sponsor of These Upcoming Events

The 2017 DrivingSales Executive Summit

J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable 

The Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit

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July 2017


Introducing AutoHook + ServiceSmarts Integration for KIA

The History of Big Data

A Timeline of Big Data's Biggest Accomplishments

Has the Promise of Big data Finally Been Fulfilled?

Winning Means Knowing What You're Losing

3 Steps to Reduce Lost Sales

Digital Dealer 23

Join David Metter Tuesday, Sept. 19th at 2:35 PM for THE UNCUT STORY YOUR CRM CAN'T TELL YOU

2017 DrivingSales Executive Summit

2017 J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable

Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit

July Headlines from Around the Web

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June 2017

Featured News

CASE STUDY: Boucher Hyundai TRIPLES Sales Efficiency with AutoHook Incentives

Subaru Success Story

Jim Burke Automotive Group

See How We Sold a 362-Day Aging Vehicle in Just 4 Days!

Check Out The All-New Sales Match Report for Current Clients

June Automotive Headlines

Forbes Names Hyundai's Dean Evans One of the World's Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers

U.S. Auto Sales Seen Down 2% in June

DrivingSales: Women in Automotive

Can Volvo's Polestar Capture That Tesla Magic?

DealerRefresh: How to "Pump Up" Market Share Using Social Incentives

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May 2017

Introducing The All-New Sales Match Report

AutoHook Releases Purchase Analysis Reports for Current Clients

Prevent Massive Waste in Your Digital Ad Spend

The Automotive Engagement Conference - Chicago

Is Vendor Integration the New Innovation?

10 Ways To Boost Social Conversion with Incentives

Reduce Lost Sales by 47%

AutoHook PUMPS UP Market Share for Germain Ford of Beavercreek

Join Our Free API Partner Program for Agencies & Technology Vendors

May Headlines

The Banks Report: CDK Global to Acquire Competitor AutoMate

Chevy Extends Marketing Deal with Detroit Red Wings

Clarivoy: Dear Paid Search, The Party is Over

Cars.com Testing VDP Lead Form Featuring Sales Employees

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April 2017

The True Definition of Automotive Attribution

No One Proves ROI Like AutoHook

Case Study: AutoHook PUMPS UP Market Share for Germain Ford of Beavercreek

Featured News

AutoHook Names Social Dealer an Official API Partner

Upcoming Events

2017 Automotive Engagement Conference

AEC New Jersey - AEC L.A. - AEC Chicago

David Metter Presents 99 Problems But the Data Ain't 1

April Headlines

U.S. Auto Sales Forecast to Slip in April

David Metter & Sean Seltzer Live at #DD22

Using Incentives in Social Campaigns

General Sessions from the 2017 Innovative Dealer Summit

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March 2017

AutoHook Defines Automotive Attribution

Featured News

5 Reasons to Attend The Automotive Engagement Conference

Announcing AutoHooks Free API Program

Upcoming Events

The Automotive Engagement Tour - Detroit

Digital Dealer 22

Visit AutoHook at Booth #247 for $25 Reward Card

David Metter Presents The Automotive App Store

Free Webinar Recording: The Recipe for Success

March Headlines

Measuring Service Marketing Results in Google Analytics

The Conversion Challenge

DrivingSales News

Toyota Dealership Turns Fire into Marketing Opportunity

Car-Shopping Sites Could Move into Sales

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February 2017

AutoHook Defines Automotive Attribution

March 8th Webinar: The Recipe for Success

Upcoming Conferences

The Automotive Engagement Conference

Half off AEC Tickets

2017 Kia National Dealer Meeting

Digital Dealer 22

Featured News

Announcing Free API Integration

AutoHook Blogs

Bots Exposed

The Dark Truth About Bot Traffic

The Latest in Auto News

Stop Guessing and Don't Trust Your CRM

February Forecasts See Flat U.S. Sales Despite Heavy Discounts

Dash Cams: Coming to a Dashboard Near You

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January 2017

Featured News

AutoHook Provides Free API Access

PERQ Partners with AutoHook to Increase Website Conversion for Dealers

NADA 100 New Orleans

String Automotive Secret Sauce Workshop

NADA Events

NADA Party & Event Listings

Automotive Website Awards

Turning Point 2017

AutoHook Blogs

Mining Your Data for Equity

How to Avoid Google's New Popup Penalty

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December 2016


Top 12 Auto Marketing Trends of 2016

Happy Holidays from the AutoHook family to yours!

Showroom Traffic Now. Pay Later.

Kicking off 2017

Featured Blogs

What You Need to Know about DMPs

VDP Views are the Top KPI...and Other Data Myths

Upcoming Events

NADA100 New Orleans

News From Around the Web

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November 2016

Highlights from DrivingSales Executive Summit and J.D. Power AMR

12th Annual Kain Automotive Clients and Friends Workshop

David Metter Presents, Common Sense Solutions to Big Data Problems

Featured Blogs

More Data More Problems

10 Most Memorable Quotes from the J.D. Power AMR

Your Q4 Reality Check: 5 Reasons Online Buying is NOT Everyone's Reality

NOW OPEN: The Automotive App Store

Customer Updates

HELION Free Internet Speed Test

News From Around the Web

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September 2016

AutoHook Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Urban Science

CDK Global includes AutoHook as one of 15 vendors in their new Partner Program.

Upcoming Events

DealerSocket User Summit

DrivingSales Executive Summit

JD Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable

AMR Panel: We've Got the Data! Now What?

Kain Automotive Clients & Friends Workshop

GM Compass Leadership Workshops

Featured Blogs

The Naked Truth Exposed (Parts I-IV)

News From Around the Web

Digital Dealer Interview with Matt Buchanan of Sarasota Ford on AutoHook's Success

Customer Updates

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August 2016

Congrats to AutoHook's FCA Customer First Award-Winning Clients

AutoHook Integrates with MarketMaster for FCA dealers

Featured Blogs

AT LAST: Attribution Claims its Throne

10 Ways to Boost Service Campaigns with AutoHook

The Myth of the "All Powerful" Marketing Suite

Upcoming Events

Ford Dealer Meeting

JD Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable

DealerOn Webinar Recording

Live Recording of The Naked Truth at Digital Dealer 21

GM Compass Leadership Workshops

Recent News

AutoHook Integrates with MarketMaster for Ford & Lincoln

News From Around the Web

2016 OEM Urban Science Study Results

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July 2016

AutoHook Announces Integration with Urban Science's MarketMaster™ for Dealers & OEMs

Ford Regional Campaign Results

July eBook Download: Adapt or Die

Featured Blogs

SEM Costs on the Rise: How to Adapt

Winning Starts with WHY: The Critical Role of the "Why Factor" in the Auto Industry

The Myth of the "All Powerful" Marketing Suite

Infographic: Baseball Lessons to Drive Sales

Upcoming Events

Digital Dealer 21

Digital Dealer Expert Panel: The Naked Truth

News from Around the Web

Customer Updates & Testimonials

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May 2016

Digital Marketing Strategies Conference

Thank You to Our Veterans

Monthly Blogs

4 Absolutes of an Automotive Game Changer

The Automotive Marketing Home Run

Auto Attribution: Are We Stuck in the Minor Leagues?

Upcoming Events

GM Compass Leadership Workshops

Activate Your Digital Strategy with David Metter

News from Around the Web

Customer Updates

How to View Reports

Memorial Day Incentives

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April 2016

NADA Recap: The Drive AutoHook NADA Experience

Press Release: 4 Consecutive AWA Wins

Monthly Blogs

4 Parallels of the Auto Industry and the NFL

3 Ways to Rev Up Revenue This Tax Season

Beach Balls, Limos, and Hip Hop: Not Your Typical NADA Experience

Infographic: Reclaim Your Service Revenue

Upcoming Events

Digital Dealer Workshops Northeast

Digital Strategies Marketing Conference

$25 Demo Offer

News From Around the Web

Client Updates

Call for Testimonials!

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March 2016

NADA 2016

Old Skool Hip Hop Party @ Sayer's Club, Las Vegas

Free NADA Limo Transportation

Relax Poolside at AutoHook Cabana Lounges at the SLS Foxtail Pool

Monthly Blogs

Is Your Paid Search Paying Off? 

NADA2016 Driving Connections

Solving the Attribution Confusion 

The 2016 Mobile Infographic

News from Around the Web

Client Updates

Call for Testimonials

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February 2016

The 2016 Mobile eBook

The Latest Trends in Mobile for the Auto Industry

Recent Blogs

The Conference "Pay-to-Play" Mentality

CARFAX Integration Coming February 18th 2016

Upcoming Events

Innovative Dealer Summit

NADA 2016

News from Around the Web

Our Best Practices...Ever.

Client Updates

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January 2016

AutoHook Launches All-New URL: DriveAutoHook.com

Best Practices

Recent Blogs

CARFAX Integration Coming February 2016

Detroit Auto Show

CBT  Conference & Expo

News from Around the Web

Client Updates

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December 2015

Video: David Metter & Rod Wright on AutoHook Acquisition

Year-End Salute from President, David Metter

CARFAX Integration Coming Q1 2016

New Login URL for AutoHook Customers

Recent Blogs

News from Around the Web

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November 2015

Kain Digital Workshop

Recent Blogs

AutoHook Takes Over Vegas

Client Service Updates

Mobile Infographs

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October 2015

Urban Science Acquires AutoHook

Recent Blogs

Driving Sales Executive Summit

JD Powers Automotive Round Table

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August 2015

Mobile Shoppers are serious. Here's how to connect with them

8 Things Car dealers can do to increase show rates.

Upcoming Events.

Dealer Testimonial Video.

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May 2015

GM Compass Tour

Submit Testimonials

Mobile 101

Brian Pasch Interview with David Metter

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Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.37.22 AM.png

April 2015

Attribution E-book
Sarasota Case Study
CBT Vendor Profile
Coupon to DSMC
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Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.46.00 AM.png

March 2015

AutoMarketing Now on CBT Interview: David Metter
Website award for innovation
Kia Approves Mobile2Show for Co-op
Mobile2Show approved for GM iMR program
AutoHook joins DSMC & Innovative Dealers Summit

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