HookLogic AutoHook Introduces “Instant Fulfillment”

The AutoHook team is excited to announce the full-scale launch of our “Instant Fulfillment” feature.

Up to this point, the Autohook incentive redemption process has been seamless and easy. Whether you’re using your online admin or our mobile application, you’re able to redeem a customer’s incentive in less than 30 seconds when they show up at your dealership for a test drive.  The customer would receive their gift card in the mail within two weeks.

Now with the addition of “Instant Fulfillment”, all our dealers will have the ability to redeem and send your customer their coupon/incentive instantly to their email or mobile device.  Up to this point, our instant fulfillment option was exclusively for select OEM and listing site partners like Autotrader.com.

The overall incentive redemption process hasn’t changed; still taking under 30 seconds to redeem a customer’s incentive using your AutoHook admin or mobile application.  Now, your customer will be able to confirm that they have received their e-code gift card right in your showroom.

This is no doubt exciting news for our dealers. One of the distinct advantages of our traditional redemption process is the ability to have the check and balances needed in place for dealers, reducing any ability for customers or dealership employees to “game the system” and receive multiple incentives, a problem experienced with other less secured offerings. With the addition of our new Instant fulfillment, we have taken many great measures of security.  This is something we know our dealers, OEMs, agencies, and 3rd party listing companies will greatly appreciate, which are often overlooked by others.

Now, not only can you increase your dealers Lead to Show percentage with HookLogic, you will have the ability to instantly fulfill your customers incentive, making your customer experience at the showroom even more seamless.