Introducing HookLogic's “Bulk Incentive Generator”


  We recognize that our dealers are looking for multi-faceted marketing opportunities to sell and service cars.  One of those options is utilizing direct mail and email campaigns.  While a number of dealers are ramping up their email and direct mail efforts, many are rediscovering the power of utilizing a targeted incentive to influence the customer to take action. This not only improves the ROI of their campaign but also drives more targeted customers physically into the showroom for a test drive.

What happens when you have more potential customers show up at your dealership for a test drive?

You sell more vehicles!

So HookLogic listened to their customers.  As an enhancement to our industry leading AutoHook Suite of Solutions, we are now including (at no charge) our “Bulk Incentive Generator” to our dealers that are utilizing the full product suite.  This new feature enhancement will allow dealerships the ability to generate multiple incentive/coupon codes and triggered links with-in minutes for their Direct Mail and Email campaigns.  It even works with service campaigns.

The OEM’s had this figured out years ago; including an incentive (gift card) in a targeted direct mail or email campaign yielded butts in seats and a surge in sales. Now dealers too will have the ability to quickly administrate and produce incentives for their direct mail and email campaigns using our “Bulk Incentive Generator” solution.  Whether you’re doing an in-house micro mailer campaign from your CRM or working with an agency on your next direct mail or email campaign, you will now have the ability to include a unique code corresponding to a targeted incentive and customer for each direct mail or email piece. Having the ability to redeem and send the potential customer an incentive right at your finger tips – using your HookLogic /AutoHook admin or our Mobile Redemption Application on your iPhone or Android device is something that wasn’t achievable until now.

As you can imagine, we’re extremely excited to offer this feature enhancement to our clients, included when you utilize Web2Show & Lead2Show.  It’s one more way we help dealers improve their Show Rate and sell and service more cars.

Be on the lookout for this added feature in your Admin over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the “Bulk Incentive Generator”, contact us to be added to the training webinar series for this feature. While you’re at it, click here to sign up for our monthly Best Practices Webinar where we often review best practices around new features and our industry leading Lead2Show and Web2Show products.