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RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: Tactical Advice for Growth in a Flat or Down Market


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5 Digital Trends Sticking Around for 2016

By David Metter

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to examine trends in digital marketing and predict what dealers should be prepared to consider and focus on in the upcoming year. 2015 has seen so much innovation and change, there’s no doubt 2016 will see even more. However, which trends in 2015 will stick around for the year to come? 

Experts say these five are here to stay:

1.    Mobile – It wasn’t that long ago that marketers thought of mobile as a secondary access point for consumers. However, in 2015 mobile usage overtook desktop computers for accessing Internet information, and that trend is certain to continue. Consumers want information on demand, and increasingly they are out and about and not tethered to their computer. Mobile is much more convenient for today’s on-the-go consumer. Businesses will be forced to shift their focus and provide an excellent mobile experience in order to remain relevant. Those that do not will find customers seeking and finding that information from their competition and ultimately lose business.  

2.    Apps – Not only is the mobile experience itself becoming more important, we’re also seeing an increase in the importance of apps. When using smartphones, consumers spend upwards of 85% of that time within apps. Apps offer multiple marketing advantages including location-based marketing, push notifications, loyalty program integration, as well as dynamic and personalized offers and coupons. In addition, with its mobile-friendly algorithm change in April, Google introduced app indexing. If you’re not familiar with app indexing, in a nutshell it means that Google is now indexing content within apps and integrating that content into organic search results. This will become increasingly important for businesses’ SEO efforts.

3.    Personalization – Businesses will continue to migrate away from mass messages and better utilize their customer data to send more relevant and personalized messages. Segmentation, cookies, and retargeting, mixed with the massive amounts of consumer information now available, allows marketers to further refine messages. By doing so, businesses will see increased response rates and conversions as customers start receiving relevant messages at more opportune times.

4.    Content – Businesses are starting to realize that content is the new advertising. Pressure is being applied from all directions – search, social and consumers – and they all demand unique and relevant content as the price of admission. If you want to be noticed, it is important to understand that consumers respond much better to content that solves a problem, tells a story, or answers a question. By producing this content, you will be rewarded by increased web traffic through consumer search, and also by higher page rankings from search engines.  

5.    Video – If there’s any form of content that is exponentially exploding, it's video. Every platform in existence is making a push for video content and rewards businesses that produce it. With the new explosion and popularity of live streaming apps such as Periscope, Blab and Meerkat, along with live-streaming to all users that Facebook is rolling out, businesses who find innovative ways to integrate live streaming into their digital marketing efforts will see increased exposure and engagement.

While significant, these are just a few of the countless ways digital marketing is changing. Chances are that 2016 will see more innovative ways for businesses to market to and interact with customers. Paying attention to and adopting these five trends will certainly help your business gain a competitive advantage and position it for digital marketing success in 2016.

KIA Dealerships Using HookLogic - Performance and Results


Last year we posted several of our OEM Performance and Purchase Analysis results in the form of info-graphics. The response was amazing, due to the eye opening data we are able to provide buy utilizing our partnership with IHS / Polk. Partnering with IHS / Polk allows us acquire and validate Lead to Close performance. In return, showing lead attribution from lead conception all the way to the sale. Not just a sale at your dealership but a *sale all-together.

The first OEM we’re going to analyze this year is KIA.

Let’s review the KIA Purchase Analysis Report from top to bottom...

Hooklogic Performance for Kia dealers in 2014
Hooklogic Performance for Kia dealers in 2014

Starting from the top, you see “Leads Generated“. During the months of  6/1/2013 – 5/31/2014 HookLogic generated and incentivized 22,338 leads for our Kia dealerships.

Of the 22,338incentivized vehicle leads, 6,472 of those customers leads walked into a Kia dealership, that utilized HookLogic’s suite of products (during this time frame) to test drive a vehicle after engaging with either Wed2Show or Lead2Show.

Of the total amount of leads generated, 3 in 10 showed up at a Kia dealership for a 29% Lead to Show Rate. This is more than twice the national average (17%) Show Rate on internet leads.

KIA Sales Data

Of the 6,472 leads that were incentivized and walked into this group of Kia dealers for a test drive, 64% purchased a vehicle. 

This group of Kia dealers are closing HookLogic incentivized showroom ups at 64% with an overall lead closing ratio of 19%.

Most dealers do a good job at measuring their lead closing ratios and closing the customer once they’re in the showroom. What dealers miss out on measuring is their Lead-to-Show rate.

This year we've added 2 new sections to the Performance Infographic: Loyalty / Defection and Conquest Sales. For our Kia dealers, the Loyalty / Defection rate is 65%. Meaning, of those customers that sent in a lead for a Kia, bought a Kia. Our Kia dealers also have a STRONG 71% Conquest Sales Rate.

*A conquest sale occurs when a consumer purchases a Kia product and did not have a Kia vehicle in their garage. Kia’s average conquest sales rate: 29%. 

Whether it’s a lead originating from your dealer’s website, 3rd Party Lead, Online Chat lead or HookLogic Web2Show – By getting more in-market shoppers to Show Up at your dealership, you get more opportunities to make a sale.

If you're a Kia dealer and looking to increase your website leads, increase your lead-to-show rate and overall sales opportunities, contact us for a full demo!

Chrysler Partners with HookLogic for 2,500 Dealership Rollout

Chrysler Digital has selected HookLogic as the newest part of the Chrysler Digital Program. HookLogic’s success generating higher website lead conversion, industry-best showroom visits, and more sales made the company the perfect addition to the Program. Chrysler Digital is pleased to offer the HookLogic Web2Show and HookLogic Lead2Show products for all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and FIAT dealers. Both Web2Show and Lead2Show are available through Chrysler Digital and are proven to drive shoppers into your dealership. Current Chrysler dealers are averaging almost 20 additional showroom visitors through the use of both products, with a cost per sale under $100.  HookLogic is one of only 12 certified products that will be listed on the Chrysler Digital Certified website as an enhancement to the original digital advertising program.

HookLogic Web2Show:

  • A fully customized, lead generating product that incentivizes visitors to visit your website, and ultimately walk into your dealership in exchange for a gift card.
  • Web2Show will be Bonus PAP eligible (50% reimbursement). NOTE: Excludes the cost of redeemed gift cards, which will be set by the dealer and billed directly.

HookLogic Lead2Show:

  • A customizable, remarketing, lead conversion product that incentivizes visitors who have previously submitted a web lead to visit your dealership in exchange for a gift card.
  • The offer emailed to the consumer is initiated once it is determined they have a high propensity to buy or are actively shopping for a vehicle through strategic third-party data integration.
  • Lead2Show will be Bonus PAP eligible (50% reimbursement). NOTE: Excludes the cost of redeemed gift cards, which will be set by the dealer and billed directly.

For more product information or to sign up today please visit the following enrollment website @ http://leadtoshow.com/chrysler-digital.

If you are a Chrysler Dealership and have any questions, please contact Chrysler at info@chryslerdigital.com or call (888) 511-8902.

Jeff Kershner to Panel at 7th Annual KainAutomotive Clients & Friends Workshop

The 7th Annual Kain Automotive Clients and Friends Workshop for Automotive Digital Success in 2012 is coming up later this month. HookLogic Director of National Sales Jeff Kershner is slated to present there this year, and we wanted to make sure you know about it in case you plan to attend. The Kain workshop is known for covering advanced processes, tactics, technology, digital marketing Strategies and Solutions for Internet / BDC Operations. Kershner will be on at around 2pm sharing success stories that a few of our own customers have been experiencing since incorporating AutoHook into their dealerships.

The workshop begins Monday November 14 with vAuto Founder Dale Pollak kicking things off as speaker for the opening session. There will be numerous sessions, breakouts, discussions, panels, and presentations during the course of two days, so check out the site to see what suits your fancy. If you plan to attend be sure to connect with us there. Also attending from HookLogic will be Director of Business Development Ryan Gerardi.

Visit KainAutomotive.com and look for a link to the event details, or just click here.