Jeff Kershner to Panel at 7th Annual KainAutomotive Clients & Friends Workshop

The 7th Annual Kain Automotive Clients and Friends Workshop for Automotive Digital Success in 2012 is coming up later this month. HookLogic Director of National Sales Jeff Kershner is slated to present there this year, and we wanted to make sure you know about it in case you plan to attend. The Kain workshop is known for covering advanced processes, tactics, technology, digital marketing Strategies and Solutions for Internet / BDC Operations. Kershner will be on at around 2pm sharing success stories that a few of our own customers have been experiencing since incorporating AutoHook into their dealerships.

The workshop begins Monday November 14 with vAuto Founder Dale Pollak kicking things off as speaker for the opening session. There will be numerous sessions, breakouts, discussions, panels, and presentations during the course of two days, so check out the site to see what suits your fancy. If you plan to attend be sure to connect with us there. Also attending from HookLogic will be Director of Business Development Ryan Gerardi.

Visit KainAutomotive.com and look for a link to the event details, or just click here.