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HookLogic Launches Mobile2Show

Hooklogic introduces mobile2show

HookLogic Helps Auto Dealers Conquest Customers Away From Competitors New York, NY— January 21, 2015 – HookLogic, the global leader in commerce search advertising and premium provider of lead-generating incentive solutions for automotive dealers, today announced the launch of Mobile2Show, a best in class mobile targeting and showrooming solution. Mobile2Show targets competitive dealership/brands in the mobile environment, both on the dealer’s site as well as other local and regional sites, and drives prospects away from competitors and into the dealership’s showroom.

“Mobile usage has become an important part of the car buying process. Over 60 percent of customer’s visiting an auto dealer’s lot will use their smartphones to simultaneously shop the competition. And two thirds of those will leave that dealership and visit another store within a day. This is called showrooming. Now, more than ever, dealers need a mobile strategy,” said David Metter, president of automotive for HookLogic.

Mobile2Show "Showrooming" Solution from David Metter on Vimeo.

Mobile2Show helps dealers to conquest customers away from a competitor’s dealership and into their showroom. Its responsive design enables the display of a call to action on mobile devices or the dealer’s mobile site. Once clicked, the incentive is delivered by email or text message and the customer is promptly connected to the dealership through the e-delivery of driving directions, or via phone.

HookLogic’s user interface has over 19,000 franchised dealerships precisely mapped out, making it an easy process for dealers and OEMs to locate and choose specific competitive dealerships to target with Mobile2Show. When a customer at a targeted competitor searches the dealer’s or OEM’s site, a dynamic offer pushes the customer out of the competitor’s dealership and into the Mobile2Show dealership for a test drive. Once at that dealership, the customer redeems their offer via a simple 30-second process that precisely attributes the showroom visit and sale back to the mobile offer. Mobile2Show is the first true automotive showrooming solution tied to HookLogic’s award-winning attribution engine, which can directly attribute sales at the dealership, and in most states, from other dealerships as well.

Should the customer fail to visit the dealership’s website while showrooming, HookLogic’s dynamic incentives enable Mobile2Show to target customers browsing on hundreds of other mobile websites and apps powered by Verve Mobile. Each dealership and OEM can customize the targeting of customers based on geographic region and local Auto Intenders. Mobile2Show can also retarget consumers that showed interest in an earlier mobile visit, enabling dealers to reach the right customer at the right time with the right offer...

“Our dealers and OEM partners can protect their own backyard, conquest around competitor’s dealerships, and even retarget opportunities,” said Metter.

Mobile2Show is the latest addition to the AutoHook Suite of Solutions which includes: Web2Show, a tool that converts traffic from the dealer’s website into more showroom visitors. Prospects that visit the dealer’s site are invited to choose a free gift, redeemable by visiting their showroom. And Lead2Show, a tool that maximizes the dealers 3rd party leads using scoring via data partners, such as Polk and Dataium, to immediately identify the highest intent to buy customers.

To schedule a demonstration of Mobile2Show or any of the AutoHook Suite of Solutions at NADA 2015, January 23-25, or at any time, click here and fill out the quick form.


KIA Dealerships Using HookLogic - Performance and Results


Last year we posted several of our OEM Performance and Purchase Analysis results in the form of info-graphics. The response was amazing, due to the eye opening data we are able to provide buy utilizing our partnership with IHS / Polk. Partnering with IHS / Polk allows us acquire and validate Lead to Close performance. In return, showing lead attribution from lead conception all the way to the sale. Not just a sale at your dealership but a *sale all-together.

The first OEM we’re going to analyze this year is KIA.

Let’s review the KIA Purchase Analysis Report from top to bottom...

Hooklogic Performance for Kia dealers in 2014
Hooklogic Performance for Kia dealers in 2014

Starting from the top, you see “Leads Generated“. During the months of  6/1/2013 – 5/31/2014 HookLogic generated and incentivized 22,338 leads for our Kia dealerships.

Of the 22,338incentivized vehicle leads, 6,472 of those customers leads walked into a Kia dealership, that utilized HookLogic’s suite of products (during this time frame) to test drive a vehicle after engaging with either Wed2Show or Lead2Show.

Of the total amount of leads generated, 3 in 10 showed up at a Kia dealership for a 29% Lead to Show Rate. This is more than twice the national average (17%) Show Rate on internet leads.

KIA Sales Data

Of the 6,472 leads that were incentivized and walked into this group of Kia dealers for a test drive, 64% purchased a vehicle. 

This group of Kia dealers are closing HookLogic incentivized showroom ups at 64% with an overall lead closing ratio of 19%.

Most dealers do a good job at measuring their lead closing ratios and closing the customer once they’re in the showroom. What dealers miss out on measuring is their Lead-to-Show rate.

This year we've added 2 new sections to the Performance Infographic: Loyalty / Defection and Conquest Sales. For our Kia dealers, the Loyalty / Defection rate is 65%. Meaning, of those customers that sent in a lead for a Kia, bought a Kia. Our Kia dealers also have a STRONG 71% Conquest Sales Rate.

*A conquest sale occurs when a consumer purchases a Kia product and did not have a Kia vehicle in their garage. Kia’s average conquest sales rate: 29%. 

Whether it’s a lead originating from your dealer’s website, 3rd Party Lead, Online Chat lead or HookLogic Web2Show – By getting more in-market shoppers to Show Up at your dealership, you get more opportunities to make a sale.

If you're a Kia dealer and looking to increase your website leads, increase your lead-to-show rate and overall sales opportunities, contact us for a full demo!

HookLogic vs. The Competition: A Testimonial Like No Other

Leadership vs the competition
Leadership vs the competition

They say competition is good.

For many reasons:

1. It helps promote growth. 2. It forces you to be more creative. 3. It promotes taking chances and trying something new. 4. It can force you to become more goal oriented.

The list goes on.

Competition IS good and healthy.

We, Hooklogic/AutoHook, of course have some welcomed competition within the automotive industry. Some may argue that they're not REALLY competition, as they have done nothing more than mimic or try to copy our Industry Leading services and technology.

One particular competitor is quite boisterous and uses several tasteless "tactics" to try and compete.

I digress, and say good for them.

We (the Hook crew) would rather stay focused on our products, technology and customers while building out the ultimate attribution model. This is why we have an extraordinary list of amazing Dealers Clients, Partners, and OEM's (like Volkswagen and Chrysler) that we work with. None of our current competition truly compares to our services and technology, no matter how they package it or what tactics they use to try and compete.

I understand that last sentence could be read as being overly presumptuousness, but I mean it as nothing more than confidence and pride in our people and services. I could go on and on about how great I think our services are, but no one says it better than our dealer clients that have given the competition the opportunity to perform, only to come back. It's a great feeling!

Below is a testimonial from one of our dealer clients...

watersautoland testimonial
watersautoland testimonial

Thanks for the amazing testimonial Thad. We look forward to our continuing partnership.

Chrysler Partners with HookLogic for 2,500 Dealership Rollout

Chrysler Digital has selected HookLogic as the newest part of the Chrysler Digital Program. HookLogic’s success generating higher website lead conversion, industry-best showroom visits, and more sales made the company the perfect addition to the Program. Chrysler Digital is pleased to offer the HookLogic Web2Show and HookLogic Lead2Show products for all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and FIAT dealers. Both Web2Show and Lead2Show are available through Chrysler Digital and are proven to drive shoppers into your dealership. Current Chrysler dealers are averaging almost 20 additional showroom visitors through the use of both products, with a cost per sale under $100.  HookLogic is one of only 12 certified products that will be listed on the Chrysler Digital Certified website as an enhancement to the original digital advertising program.

HookLogic Web2Show:

  • A fully customized, lead generating product that incentivizes visitors to visit your website, and ultimately walk into your dealership in exchange for a gift card.
  • Web2Show will be Bonus PAP eligible (50% reimbursement). NOTE: Excludes the cost of redeemed gift cards, which will be set by the dealer and billed directly.

HookLogic Lead2Show:

  • A customizable, remarketing, lead conversion product that incentivizes visitors who have previously submitted a web lead to visit your dealership in exchange for a gift card.
  • The offer emailed to the consumer is initiated once it is determined they have a high propensity to buy or are actively shopping for a vehicle through strategic third-party data integration.
  • Lead2Show will be Bonus PAP eligible (50% reimbursement). NOTE: Excludes the cost of redeemed gift cards, which will be set by the dealer and billed directly.

For more product information or to sign up today please visit the following enrollment website @ http://leadtoshow.com/chrysler-digital.

If you are a Chrysler Dealership and have any questions, please contact Chrysler at info@chryslerdigital.com or call (888) 511-8902.

Digital Summit @ Mountain View: Disclosures of an Auto Conference Virgin, Part 2

Dealers Doing it Right Panel
Dealers Doing it Right Panel

Last week, I shared a number of key learnings from the Digital Summit @ Mountain View, from my vantage point as someone new to the auto conference circuit. As promised, here are the last 4 of my top 8 takeaways from the Summit.

5. Look at search as only working part of a bigger, holistic strategy: “It’s not just about search anymore,” according to Jonika Hoomes of Google. Don’t get me wrong, search is still important. In fact, 71% of people find it useful while shopping for cars. The point here is that it has to be combined with other tactics to really make an impact. For example, search coupled with display really hits home. Some marketers may believe that display is just a branding tool (I, working for HookLogic, surely know otherwise!). Think again!  Display + Search = Sales.

6. Dealers MUST be online. The proof is in the numbers: So many great statistics were shared during the Summit that prove what most of you already know. Either way, here’s a pat on the back and some further validation that digital dealers RULE!

  • People consult an average of 18.2 sources before buying a car. For choosing a president?  Only 14.
  • 90% of car buyers start their research online
  • 50% of car shoppers pick their dealership online
  • 76% of today’s car shoppers who visit a manufacturer’s website, visit a dealer site within 30 minutes.

7. Make everything tangible and relatable: Both Guy Kawasaki and Grant Cardone both touched on something all marketers need to remember: Use salient points. Relate what you’re saying…and selling, to things your customers understand. For example, ask a car shopper, “How much did you spend on your last vacation?” and then, “How long did that last?” in relation to the price of a car and its longevity. It really puts things into perspective.

8. Video drives engagement: Our very own Jeff Kershner held a panel discussion entitled, ‘Dealers Doing it Right’ which touched on a number of innovative tactics, such as video, that car dealers are using to drive customer engagement and sales. According to panelists, using video in email leads to much higher open and engagement rates. Panelists also mentioned that inventory that is displayed on youtube tends to sell faster than inventory that is not. It seems like video is well worth doing. Lastly, I can’t help but give a shout out to our client, Capital Motors for creating this video  to promote their Trade and Upgrade program.  I highly encourage you to check it out!

David Metter to Join Panel Discussion at CPO Forum 2011

Later this month at the AutoRemarketing CPO Forum in Las Vegas, HookLogic Automotive President David Metter will be part of a panel "CPO Customer Engagement & Retention" to discuss integrating digital, social, video and cutting edge media marketing strategies to ATTRACT and KEEP more CPO customers. Metter will be part of a panel group that includes industry experts on the subject:

Jeff Kunz - Head of Business Development, eBay Motors Advertising Paul Potratz  - COO, Potratz Agency Adam Simms - COO, Price-Simms Automotive Group Andy Jacobson - Director of National Sales, Cars.com

If you plan to be there and want to see how the concepts behind HookLogic's AutoHook program addresses some of the challenges met by dealers in their certified pre-owned sales efforts, this would be an opportune time to do so.

For more information about the CP Forum and to register you can visit the website.