HookLogic vs. The Competition: A Testimonial Like No Other

Leadership vs the competition
Leadership vs the competition

They say competition is good.

For many reasons:

1. It helps promote growth. 2. It forces you to be more creative. 3. It promotes taking chances and trying something new. 4. It can force you to become more goal oriented.

The list goes on.

Competition IS good and healthy.

We, Hooklogic/AutoHook, of course have some welcomed competition within the automotive industry. Some may argue that they're not REALLY competition, as they have done nothing more than mimic or try to copy our Industry Leading services and technology.

One particular competitor is quite boisterous and uses several tasteless "tactics" to try and compete.

I digress, and say good for them.

We (the Hook crew) would rather stay focused on our products, technology and customers while building out the ultimate attribution model. This is why we have an extraordinary list of amazing Dealers Clients, Partners, and OEM's (like Volkswagen and Chrysler) that we work with. None of our current competition truly compares to our services and technology, no matter how they package it or what tactics they use to try and compete.

I understand that last sentence could be read as being overly presumptuousness, but I mean it as nothing more than confidence and pride in our people and services. I could go on and on about how great I think our services are, but no one says it better than our dealer clients that have given the competition the opportunity to perform, only to come back. It's a great feeling!

Below is a testimonial from one of our dealer clients...

watersautoland testimonial
watersautoland testimonial

Thanks for the amazing testimonial Thad. We look forward to our continuing partnership.

The Higher Gear Group Partners With HookLogic's Lead2Show

The Higher Gear Group and HookLogic have partnered together to benefit their mutual dealership customers, building a CRM integration that allows leads to flow into HookLogic's Lead2Show solution. When a Higher Gear CRM dealer signs up for Lead2Show, Higher Gear will automatically funnel all internet leads into HookLogic's funnel, powered by Polk, Dataium, and CallSource. Lead2Show takes leads that a dealership purchases or receive from providers, finds the highest intent to buy customers, and then uses the industries best data to drive these hand raising customers right into the showroom. Partnering with The Higher Gear Group allows HookLogic dealers to leverage their current vendors to make a better product and process for their dealership employees, without any additional costs. This plays directly into HookLogic's industry-wide initiative of opening up API access to make life and business easier for our dealership clients. Much like Apple's approach to 3rd party apps on an iPhone, HookLogic wants to work with other vendors for the greater good of the customer. The Higher Gear Group shares this vision.

Current Higher Gear Group and HookLogic customers can take advantage of this free integration immediately. If you are interested in more information, please feel free to contact a HookLogic team member.

ActivEngage teams up with HookLogic to integrate targeted incentives with chat

One of the biggest challenges most dealers face is getting website visitors into their showrooms. Online shoppers may browse through inventory or examine specials without setting an appointment for a test drive. Convert these website visitors into showroom visits by leveraging the power of targeted, time-sensitive incentives with proactive chat invitations. ActivEngage has teamed up with HookLogic to give dealers the bait they need to drive website visitors into the dealership using behavioral and geographically targeted incentives. We are proud to introduce ActivShow - an integrated chat solution specially designed to generate more walk-in traffic from your most qualified prospects.

The best part is, since you are already a HookLogic customer, implementing ActivShow has no additional cost for you! All you need to do is add ActivEngage chat to your website and we will do the rest. Click here and fill out the request form at the bottom of this page to get started!

If you are an ActivEngage customer already, call your ActivEngage Customer Success Manager at (800) 441-7779 option 1, and they can have ActivShow added to your site today!


AutoHook celebrates its 5th Birthday, continues to grow

Sounds crazy but it is true.  Some of you know this but the AutoHook product line was born out of an idea with the existing product offering that HookLogic had in its Travel and Retail verticals and a chance meeting with an auto dealership group executive (me!).  That was back in 2007 and there was never a thought in my mind at the time about building out a company with industry-leading products and a stable of great customers.  We were just looking for a solution to a problem; how to get more customers to show up and buy a car.  It is a good feeling to stand here now, next to my co-conspirator, Jeff Kershner, and see how the AutoHook team and products have evolved. In reality, the first 3½ years were just a huge beta test with very small growth.  The only dealers that jumped on the product were close friends of ours that we shared our success with.  It’s only after last June 1st that the floodgates were opened.  Since then, we have added hundreds of dealers, formalized our products, and partnered with some leading vendors in the automotive industry.  More importantly, we have pushed thousands of customers into your showrooms and been credited with selling thousands more the cars of their dreams.  As we grow towards 1,000 dealers on the AutoHook Suite of Products, HookLogic continues to grow its team and enhance its product offerings.

Our team continues to grow as well.  I would like to welcome Ani Hagopian, Manager of Client Services, to the AutoHook team.  Ani will lead the charge to make our existing clients even better.  Another new member, Kristine Williams, has been added to the Operations and On-boarding team.  Kristine joins AutoHook after 10 years with RL Polk.  If you have a chance, please welcome them to the team.

We are far from a coupon company.  In August, we will announce a brand new website product to complement our Web to Show and Lead to Show tools.  We will also roll out an extra data enhancement to Lead to Show, giving it the most robust data set to date.  In addition to enhancements to our incentive-based solutions, we will roll out our Product Ads Solution Suite; 4 products that have been utilized by companies like Expedia, Sears, and Staples.  Over the past year, they have been successfully rolled out in the UK with Europe’s leading automotive listing site, www.autotrader.co.uk.  Get ready, you will see these dynamic Product Ads in September.

Another area of growth is through strategic partnerships.  Check out our growing list of partners . These partnerships help enhance our existing products like Lead to Show.  Robust data from companies like RL Polk and Dataium help target in market shoppers and drive them into your dealership.   As we continue to move forward with additional products, we need your help to update our records with your preferred vendor partner list.  This way, we know which companies to target on your behalf.  You received a survey last week via email.  If you haven’t filled it out, you can click here.  Please take a couple of minutes to complete our short 6-question survey.  If you complete the survey, I will gladly send you a $15 Starbucks card.  You will also be entered into a contest on August 15th that will award one lucky winner a $100 MasterCard.

Come Party with ActivEngage and HookLogic at Digital Dealer 12 Orlando

HookLogic-ActivEngage DD12 Party
HookLogic-ActivEngage DD12 Party

If you will be in town for the 12th Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition in Orlando, FL, join ActivEngage and HookLogic on Wednesday, April 4, at the Blue Martini Lounge as we co-host a blowout bash for clients, VIPs and friends. Every year during the spring Digital Dealer Conference, ActivEngage throws the best party in Orlando! Walk the redorange carpet feeling like a real movie star as you and guests enter this year’s most anticipated Digital Dealer extravaganza.

From 8:30 till 11:00 PM, the celebration will feature complementary beverages and the best blend of 80’s, 90’s, and today’s top hits performed by live entertainment that will surely have you on the dance floor all night! Don’t care to dance? No worries! Bump elbows and network with industry peers as well as meet the brains and faces behind ActivEngage’s excellence.

As tradition, the Customer Appreciation party will be hosted at Central Florida’s finest upscale lounge and live entertainment bar, Blue Martini. Blue Martini is undeniably the top spot for both locals and visitors from all around, delivering you an unforgettable experience.

Why ActivEngage and HookLogic?

ActivEngage and HookLogic have recently announced a strategic relationship to deliver the industry’s most advanced and effective lead generation technology. ActivEngage is the most trusted brand in automotive live chat. With over 75 years of automotive retail experience, ActivEngage proprietary chat software, fully-managed service and real-time business intelligence reporting is expertly designed to maximize the amount of leads delivered from websites while reducing the overall cost of lead generation for dealerships


Make sure to RSVP to the event to guarantee a spot to this year most anticipated social celebration by clicking the red stamp link to your right.