Drive More Trade-in Opportunities with PureCars TradeHook

An AutoHook Best Practices Webinarw/ Jeremy Anspach, President, PureCars

When it comes to online trade appraisal tools dealers today have a small handful of options from which to choose. Each tool allows site visitors to enter information about their vehicle and receive fair market value dollar figures for trade, private sale, and retail. But there are two key problems not being solved by most of these tools:

1.) Value is more than just price 2.) They don’t drive showroom traffic

Enter PureCars TradeHook...

With PureCars TradeHook, dealers now have the ability to give site visitors a complete value guide with PureCars Trade-in Reports, plus they get a tool to help bring those site visitors into the showroom.


PureCars Trade-in Reports

From Price and Mileage Analysis, to Vehicle Certification, Accident + Ownership History, Factory Options, Vehicle Reconditioning, and a Local Market Comparison, the PureCars Trade-in Report provides information to help car owners find the vehicle that best fits THEIR value needs, not the dealers’.

TradeHook Foot Traffic

Combined with the targeting capabilities of HookLogic’s AutoHook solution, dealers using PureCars TradeHook also have the ability to target vehicle trades with specific incentive offers designed precisely for those genuinely interested in coming in to have their vehicle evaluated.

PureCars TradeHook incentivizes shoppers with a gift card, redeemable at top retailers nationwide, to submit their trade-in opportunity for an instantaneous trade-in value estimate. The customer is able to redeem their gift card upon a full appraisal at the dealership – consequently giving them even more of a reason to come in.

Register to Attend

To learn more about PureCars and the TradeHook solution, which was announced this month in a recent press release, PureCars President Jeremy Anspach will be our guest presenter in this month’s Best Practices webinar. During this webinar, Jeremy will touch on:

  1. How you are answering the top concerns of your used car shopper?
  2. Are you able to sell all vehicles or equally or are some trades more valuable to your store?
  3. How you increase your lead to appointment show rate significantly on a trade-in lead?

About the Presenter

Jeremy has valuable experience with fixed-ops, digital marketing and dealer websites. Having a well rounded understanding of the industry has helped him develop automated technologies. He is a strong believer that dealerships have great tools but lack the manpower and processes to fully utilize them. The PureCars suite of products are fully automated and designed to help showcase the value in a vehicle. Jeremy advocates that selling a used vehicle requires a strategy which helps educate the shopper. He has worked with a range of dealerships, on better merchandising their pre-owned vehicles. Dealers have found his approach to be easy to execute and results in great success! To connect with Jeremy visit his LinkedIn profile.

About the AutoHook Best Practices Webinar Series

Every month, HookLogic conducts a “best practices” webinar where we cover a range of different topics that contribute to the success of auto dealerships. These topics and best practices typically incorporate some aspect of the AutoHook Web Suite, a toolset designed to give dealers the ability to perform highly targeted marketing campaigns that drive quality foot traffic into the showroom.

Often times these best practice webinars feature a guest expert to present, sometimes being one of our integration partners and sometimes one of our dealers. Other times we simply cover an important strategy or best practice that can benefit AutoHook customers.

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