Enhancements Continue for Lead2Show

As the New Year approaches, we continue to make great enhancements to the entire AutoHook Product Suite. One of the products that I am the most proud of is Lead2Show.  If you aren't familiar with it, Lead2Show is an award-winning solution that takes leads that you purchase or receive and pinpoints the highest intent to buy customers. The industries best data providers are then utilized to drive these hand-raising customers right into your showroom. As a dealer, you receive leads from all around your dealership. Lead2Show allows dealers like you to go after specific groups of high-closing leads by using geo-targeting and “big data.” The end result is a higher show rate into the dealership and a higher close rate on your existing leads. When leads come into your CRM system, you will continue to follow up as you do today. Lead2Show is automated with specific filters and execution orders that take place behind the scenes.

Here are just a few of the enhancements we've made to Lead2Show that are sure to ring in a very happy new year for dealers, based on their specific goals:

  • You want to target your competitor’s backyard. Have you ever looked at your market share report and noticed that although you get leads in your competitor’s market area, those customers don’t buy from you?  Lead2Show will help change the behavior of those customers, giving them a reason to drive past your competitor and give you and your sales team an opportunity.
  • A competitor that is farther from you is still taking share from your dealership.  Lead2Show will target those leads differently, raising the stakes for the customer, and drive them into your dealership.  Some of our most successful dealers see their closing rates triple with geo-targeted messages and incentives.
  • You want to identify the leads that are most likely to buy:Lead2Show also uses the industry’s best “Big Data” to drive more customers your way.  HookLogic’s integration of Polk Lead Intelligence allows our dealers to quickly identify the leads that are lower in the funnel.  When the lead comes into the dealership’s CRM, Lead2Show immediately matches the lead against over 100 data points including past registration data, lifestyle information, and credit worthiness.  Customers who score high are sent a time sensitive email with an incentive to pick your dealership. Does this really work?  In a recent case study with over 170 dealerships, incentivizing a high scoring lead resulted in an overall closing ratio of 47%.  When the high scoring lead wasn't incentivized, the buy rate was only 28%.  These high intenders are buyers.  Now you just need to make sure that they buy from you instead of the competition.
  • You want to know where your leads go after they visit your site, and how you can bring them back: Adding another “Big Data” provider, Lead2Show infuses Dataium’s VisiCogn In-Market Lead Alert.  This allows our dealers to match up each lead and watch those customers if they show specific online behavior post lead submission. Make no mistake; this is not re-targeting based on predictive guessing that others may talk about.  This matches up a customer that has submitted a lead to YOUR dealership and, even if it is 3 weeks after, allows you to know if this customer is searching for a vehicle on your site or on other sites like Cars.com, OEM sites, or even other dealership sites.  HookLogic uses this match to automatically deliver a time sensitive incentive via email to drive that customer into your dealership at a point when that customer has come back into market and alerts you when it happens.  HookLogic literally reanimates your old leads and provides a differentiating message to the customer at the right time.  No one other than HookLogic does anything like this.
  • You want to link internet and phone leads: Lead2Show integrates offline call tracking data from CallSource. Each time a call comes in, Lead2Show matches that call information against your Internet leads, even if it is weeks or months after the lead was submitted.  A customer call is the hottest lead and no matter if the call is handled well or poorly by the salesperson, Lead2Show has you covered, alerting you of the match and sending a time sensitive incentive via email to the customer.  Lead2Show reanimates the lead when that customer is showing buying tendencies.  No one uses offline call tracking data to execute like HookLogic and CallSource.

HookLogic pulled together the top “big data” providers in the auto industry and built the best execution engine to drive more leads into your showroom.  When our dealers utilize geo-targeting and Polk Lead Intelligence to instantly identify the best leads, and then layer in Dataium and CallSource data to reanimate their leads, they see huge increases in how many customers visit the dealership.  In some cases as many as an additional 25 shows and closing ratios as high as 28%.  One successful dealer has sold an additional 20 cars a month for the past 3 months on Lead2Show.

Lead2Show supercharges your existing 3rd party, OEM, and listing site leads and drives more customers into your showroom, in most cases, over a 50% increase, a higher closing ratio, which pushes your market share higher and your cost per sale is lowered.

And here is a reminder what makes AutoHook’s Lead2Show different:

  • Your dealership can target based on your customer’s geographic region.
  • You will also be able to target based on Polk Lead Intelligence and Registration Data.
  • We will reanimate old leads based on Dataium online activity and match up/reanimate old leads based on CallSource offline call activity.

See for yourself.  Click here to check out how Lead2Show can give you a competitive advantage.