Kia Motors Approves AutoHook's Mobile2Show

We have great news for Kia dealerships. As of today, Kia dealers using our approved Web2Show and Lead2Show solutions can now tap into our new mobile targeting and showrooming solution - Mobile2Show.  Kia dealers can even use their 2015 Dealer Advertising Support (DAS) funds to help cover the costs. If you're not already familiar with our Mobile2Show product, allow me...

Mobile2Show is the first true automotive showrooming solution tied to our award-winning attribution engine, which can directly attribute sales, and in most states, from other dealerships as well.

Mobile2Show targets your dealers competition in the mobile environment, both on your dealer’s site as well as other local and regional sites. From there it helps (you) dealers to conquest customers away from your competitor and into their showroom. Its responsive design enables the display of a call to action on mobile devices or your mobile site. Once the customer engages, the incentive is delivered by email or text message and the customer is connected to your dealership through the e-delivery of driving directions, or phone. Mobile2Show also integrates into Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.

Should the customer fail to visit the dealership’s website while showrooming, Our dynamic incentives enable Mobile2Show to target customers browsing on hundreds of other mobile websites and apps powered by Verve Mobile.  Each dealership and OEM can customize the targeting of customers based on geographic region and local Auto Intenders. Mobile2Show can also retarget consumers that showed interest in an earlier mobile visit, enabling dealers to reach the right customer at the right time with the right offer.

Visual video walk-through of Mobile2Show:

Our current Kia dealers clients using Web2Show and Lead2Show are receiving some amazing performance;  near doubling the average lead to show rate at 29%. Web2Show leads are closing at 15% with an overall cost per lead of $7.72.

Click here

to review our Kia Dealer Performance and analysis infographic. Remember, these results are without the New Mobile2Show feature.

Kia Performance Summary

Kia dealers can choose from among five AutoHook product packages, all of which are DAS eligible. Packages include AutoHook’s Mobile2Show, Web2Show and Lead2Show products.

Package #1 Web2Show

  • Web2Show Technology Implementation & Redemption Fee’s
  • Up to 15 Redemptions, per dealership

Package #2- Lead2Show 

  • Lead2Show Technology Implementation & Redemption Fee’s
  • Up to 10 Redemptions, per dealership

Package #3- Web2Show & Lead2Show 

  • 15 Web2Show Redemptions & 10 Lead2Show Redemptions, per dealership
  • CallSource Integration

NEW Package #4- Web2Show & Mobile2Show Bundle 

  • 15 Web2Show Redemptions of $25, per dealership
  • 10 Mobile2Show Redemptions of $50, per dealership

NEW Package #5- Web2Show, Lead2Show & Mobile2Show Bundle 

  • 15 Web2Show Redemptions of $25, per dealership
  • 10 Lead2Show Redemptions of $25, per dealership
  • 10 Mobile2Show Redemptions of $50, per dealership
  • CallSource Integration

Any dealer can have a mobile website and call it their "mobile strategy". But ask yourself, do you truly have a full mobile strategy that goes past a mobile website. A strategy that incorporates conversion, a way of engaging the mobile shopper and turning them into a show. With Mobile2Show, Kia dealer can have a true mobile strategy.

To schedule a demonstration any of the AutoHook Suite of Solutions, visit:  http://www6.hooklogic.com/autodemo. To find out more about the Kia Motors America program, give us a call at 855-lead-2-show (855-532-3274).