The Mobile Tipping Point

By David Metter

For those of you who have never heard of the phrase tipping point, there are a lot of variations in terms of a definition - depending on who’s asking. To physicists, the tipping point is when an object gains enough nuclear material to sustain a chain reaction at a constant rate. To computing geeks/experts, “The tipping point is the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development.” To a “car guy” it could be when a customer walks into your showroom five minutes before closing time on a Saturday. We have all had a few of those. According to TechTarget, marketers define the tipping point as “a threshold that, once reached, will result in additional sales.”

No matter how you look at it, the concept is so profound that it will forever define the current state of mobile marketing in both the physical and digital automotive worlds. One of the reasons mobile has caused such upheaval in our society is because both smartphones and tablets are so incredibly personal to each individual user. In fact, Tune dictates the smartphone as the single most personal device, ever. “Because of that, it is the everything device: the communicating, the gaming, the learning, the buying, the reading, the watching, the tracking, the remote controlling device.”

Consumers are now spending more time playing on these intelligent little microcomputers than they spend watching television. In a recent eBook from Tune Marketing, they provide insights into the international mobile economy, showing mobile usage trends to be nearly equivalent in most countries. Globally, in 2015 alone, 800 million people bought their first smartphone. It is predicted that by 2020, there will be 6.5 billion smartphone users. That’s 6.5 billion people to market to. It’s also 6.5 billion opportunities to make a connection, or 6.5 billion chances to get buried in mobile white noise – depending on how you look at it.

The mobile tipping point is not just starting to make its way through the airwaves. It has arrived, and I cannot stress that enough. These short but abundant interactions are what Google refers to as “Micro-Moments.” Mobile touch points in the consumer’s journey have become so powerful, that they will actually interrupt a person from following through with a given task. Google says 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas right in the middle of a task. Talk about a distracted generation!

Mobile has become a tipping point because it has the power to claim our attention at any given time and place. Mobile takes no mercy, and it doesn’t apologize for being rude when it interrupts your dinner, your date, your family time, or your purchase decisions.

The most important fact to remember is that while mobile usage is continuously increasing, the time consumers spend during each micro-moment is actually decreasing, meaning your chances of making an impact are smaller, and your window of opportunity is much shorter.

During this Sunday’s Super Bowl 50, Google leveraged Adometry TV Attribution technology and found 82% of game-driven ad searches were to no one’s surprise, conducted on a mobile device (a 12% increase since last year’s game). Furthermore, out of the ten brands that drove the highest search volumes, five of them were either OEMs or vehicle brands – so as an industry, we have to be doing something right!

There’s no denying it. Mobile has forever changed the way marketers interact and reach consumers. We’re all slaves to it. The swiping, the scrolling, the click-to-call-ing, the convenience. In so many ways the mobile experience dictates not only where our marketing should be, but also the entire advancement of communication as we know it. My friends, the mobile tipping point is here.  

Check out our Mobile eBook for more ways to master mobile in the year ahead. 

Kia Motors Approves AutoHook's Mobile2Show

We have great news for Kia dealerships. As of today, Kia dealers using our approved Web2Show and Lead2Show solutions can now tap into our new mobile targeting and showrooming solution - Mobile2Show.  Kia dealers can even use their 2015 Dealer Advertising Support (DAS) funds to help cover the costs. If you're not already familiar with our Mobile2Show product, allow me...

Mobile2Show is the first true automotive showrooming solution tied to our award-winning attribution engine, which can directly attribute sales, and in most states, from other dealerships as well.

Mobile2Show targets your dealers competition in the mobile environment, both on your dealer’s site as well as other local and regional sites. From there it helps (you) dealers to conquest customers away from your competitor and into their showroom. Its responsive design enables the display of a call to action on mobile devices or your mobile site. Once the customer engages, the incentive is delivered by email or text message and the customer is connected to your dealership through the e-delivery of driving directions, or phone. Mobile2Show also integrates into Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.

Should the customer fail to visit the dealership’s website while showrooming, Our dynamic incentives enable Mobile2Show to target customers browsing on hundreds of other mobile websites and apps powered by Verve Mobile.  Each dealership and OEM can customize the targeting of customers based on geographic region and local Auto Intenders. Mobile2Show can also retarget consumers that showed interest in an earlier mobile visit, enabling dealers to reach the right customer at the right time with the right offer.

Visual video walk-through of Mobile2Show:

Our current Kia dealers clients using Web2Show and Lead2Show are receiving some amazing performance;  near doubling the average lead to show rate at 29%. Web2Show leads are closing at 15% with an overall cost per lead of $7.72.

Click here

to review our Kia Dealer Performance and analysis infographic. Remember, these results are without the New Mobile2Show feature.

Kia Performance Summary

Kia dealers can choose from among five AutoHook product packages, all of which are DAS eligible. Packages include AutoHook’s Mobile2Show, Web2Show and Lead2Show products.

Package #1 Web2Show

  • Web2Show Technology Implementation & Redemption Fee’s
  • Up to 15 Redemptions, per dealership

Package #2- Lead2Show 

  • Lead2Show Technology Implementation & Redemption Fee’s
  • Up to 10 Redemptions, per dealership

Package #3- Web2Show & Lead2Show 

  • 15 Web2Show Redemptions & 10 Lead2Show Redemptions, per dealership
  • CallSource Integration

NEW Package #4- Web2Show & Mobile2Show Bundle 

  • 15 Web2Show Redemptions of $25, per dealership
  • 10 Mobile2Show Redemptions of $50, per dealership

NEW Package #5- Web2Show, Lead2Show & Mobile2Show Bundle 

  • 15 Web2Show Redemptions of $25, per dealership
  • 10 Lead2Show Redemptions of $25, per dealership
  • 10 Mobile2Show Redemptions of $50, per dealership
  • CallSource Integration

Any dealer can have a mobile website and call it their "mobile strategy". But ask yourself, do you truly have a full mobile strategy that goes past a mobile website. A strategy that incorporates conversion, a way of engaging the mobile shopper and turning them into a show. With Mobile2Show, Kia dealer can have a true mobile strategy.

To schedule a demonstration any of the AutoHook Suite of Solutions, visit:  http://www6.hooklogic.com/autodemo. To find out more about the Kia Motors America program, give us a call at 855-lead-2-show (855-532-3274).