The Top 5 Things Dealers Are Saying About AutoHook

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At AutoHook, we believe the value of our solutions is most powerfully defined by the dealers that use them. We’ve been fortunate enough to have an arsenal of dealer testimonials we’ve collected across all brands over the last few years. Out of our current customer client base, we have a total of 150 real dealer testimonials.

Five common trends remain consistent after analyzing all the feedback we’ve received. So, we figured we’d share these top five trends and allow our dealers to do the talking for us when it comes to what AutoHook does for their stores…


“I have been an AutoHook client since 2015 and I utilize their Web2Show and Lead2Show solutions at both my Kia and Buick GMC stores. Our AutoHook leads are by far my best lead source and practically close themselves, averaging around 25-35%. The biggest difficulty in the industry is getting someone to walk through your door – this is where AutoHook excels. With AutoHook’s solutions that are enhanced by Urban Science’s industry data, I am able to pull in customers from competitors’ backyards and gain market share where I otherwise would not be able to do so with ease. I look forward to continued results in the future and continuing my great relationship with my dedicated Client Services Specialist.”

-        John Speights | Digital Marketing Manager, Gay Family Auto Group

“We love AutoHook here at Gettel Nissan of Sarasota. Not only does it work well with the default settings, but we incorporate specific targeted offers to markets we see as high opportunity and bring those customers past our competition to come and see us. We also use Issue Rewards as a closing tool to help seal the deal. For 2018 thus far, we’ve seen a show rate of 55%. AutoHook continues to be a great way to convert people from our website into the showroom!”

-        Ashley Palasz | Internet Manger, Gettel Nissan of Sarasota

“Since beginning with AutoHook, our third-party lead conversion rate has increased dramatically. Our website conversions have also increased using their web overlay incentives. We’ve been very happy with the level of support we get from the team, and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship and seeing more great enhancements come down the pipeline.”

-        Andrew DiFeo | Chairman, Hyundai National Dealer Council and General Manager, Hyundai of St. Augustine


“AutoHook has proven to convert our new inventory leads directly into showroom visits at a rate of 53.88%. The redemption process is seamless, and the interactive reporting allows for instant proactive follow-up. We’ve been able to attribute multiple sales to the AutoHook Lansing LMA Campaign and look forward to future results.”

-        Dan Dowker | Internet Business Manager, Shaheen Chevrolet

“I utilized AutoHook’s Web2Show at my previous dealership and liked it so much that I signed my Ford store up when I moved locations. There are many dealerships in our area, so the competition is always going to be high. We know the biggest struggle in the industry is getting a customer to visit your showroom, but this is where AutoHook far exceeds anyone else – we have the data to prove that a customer visited us because of Web2Show’s test drive incentive. We are excited to see what the future holds for David Stanley Ford and AutoHook!”

- Kenneth Starlin | Digital Marketing Director, David Stanley Ford of Midwest City

“Oxmoor Chrysler had a huge first quarter of 2018 and AutoHook played a pivotal role in our success by bringing customers into our showroom. Using Web2Show for our website traffic and Lead2Show for our 3rd party leads has proven to be a combo that really works well together. Things are going great and we look forward to continued success with AutoHook in the future.”

-        Shawna Johnson | Internet Sales Director, Oxmoor Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

“We recently started AutoHook’s Web2Show solution to target specific models on our website. We had a customer come in this past weekend, take a test drive, and then purchased a new 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC. We have been successful in using the solution for service promotions as well, promoting $25 for our Happy Hour service campaign from 3-5pm daily. We look forward to utilizing their geo-targeting and other customization options in the future.”

-        Amy Rothenberger | Director of Marketing and E-Commerce, Dream Automotive Group

“Fuccillo Chevrolet of Nelliston recently participated in the Albany LMA AutoHook Test Drive Campaign and after seeing the results, we decided to become a subscription-based client of AutoHook after the campaign concluded. Being able to attribute showroom visitors directly from AutoHook allows us to adjust our internal processes and handle the Web2Show leads accordingly. I'm excited to continue this and close more sales!”

-        Heidi Schmidt | BDC Manager, Fuccillo Chevrolet

"We have discovered that not only is the AutoHook technology an important part of our website strategy but is also very effective in our Event Marketing Campaigns, Microsite Campaigns and Permission Based Marketing. We use it to attract clients to our showrooms and to anchor appointments… perhaps, one of the best things we have done in a long line of eBusiness strategies over the past few years!"

-        Shawn kNIFFin | Marketing and Technology Director, Germain Motor Company


“During a slow month, we decided to aggressively target specific models of opportunity on our website using AutoHook. Since then, we have seen considerable amounts of traffic from those custom offers and can attribute sales directly to those customers visiting us to test drive one of those specific models of opportunity. The best part about AutoHook is being able to tailor it to best suit my dealership’s needs on a real-time basis.”

-        Antoine Thomas | General Sales Manager, Gettel Toyota

“Here at Gettel Acura, AutoHook’s Web2Show solution is a tool we truly trust. Our team diligently follows up with these leads and we set appointments at a very high rate. Over the last four months, our show rate for these customers is roughly 60%. Not only do these leads generate traffic on our showroom floor, they are in-market shoppers looking to purchase a vehicle with us. We are able to attribute a consistent volume of sales to these leads on a monthly basis.”

-        Ray Kahn | Business Development Manager, Gettel Acura


“I went over my first presentation of AutoHook’s Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA) today and to say that I am extremely excited and impressed would be an understatement. The breadth of data that is available via the Urban Science® DataHub™ is truly remarkable; TCA takes it to an entirely different level – especially considering this is my CRM data. From TCA, I was able to identify new areas of opportunities for our stores and I learned that a same-brand dealership located 35 minutes away was our top source of defections; without TCA, I would have never known this. I look forward to putting the extensive, invaluable data to great use moving forward and having a successful 2018.”

-        Michael Strasburger | Marketing Manager, Planet Automotive Group

“We are utilizing AutoHook's Web2Show, Lead2Show and Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA). We are just scratching the surface with TCA by deep diving into our lost opportunities. Once we have identified the lost opportunities in our own CRM data by model, zip code, lead source and individual salesperson, we can create targeted offers to drive customers into the showroom and gain back market share. There is no other suite of solutions available that can identify these problems and provide the resolution so seamlessly.”

-        Patrick Kyes | General Manager, Morrie’s Automotive Group

"We entered into our first meeting with AutoHook searching for answers. After reviewing our initial Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA), we left our meeting with a detailed game plan. From the moment we hung up the phone, we got to work implementing new strategies in areas we were able to determine specific weaknesses. We are extremely confident these changes will undoubtedly grow sales in 2018. We look forward to reviewing our analysis on a monthly basis in order to consistently stay ahead of the competition."

-        Joshua Clinton | General Manager, Gunther Kia of Fort Lauderdale


“The insights that AutoHook’s Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA) provides allows me to determine which lead sources are the most successful as well as validates my decisions to cut ties with underperforming lead sources. I can see areas of opportunity for individual models all the way down to a specific trim level. I can continue to evaluate my salespeople by looking at their individual performance and use that as a very effective training tool. TCA is a groundbreaking solution that I look forward to continuing to aid in the success of my dealerships.”

-        Jim Henne | General Manager, Performance Toyota Volvo

“After seeing our first run of AutoHook’s Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA), I am engaged and excited for more. This has allowed me to evaluate the performance of my third-party lead sources, identify the salespeople with the greatest opportunity to improve, as well as use the model performance to determine appropriate inventory levels. To top that off, I can use AutoHook incentive solutions to target specific areas of opportunity by lead source, model and geography to win back market share.”

-        Stephen Markham | General Manager, North Park Subaru at Dominion


Want to share your dealership’s success story? Email our dealer support team at DealerSupport@UrbanScience.com. For a limited time, dealers that submit a written testimonial will receive a $25 Amazon gift card or a $50 Amazon gift card for a video testimonial!


AutoHook Moves Aged Inventory...FAST!







“We had a 2016 Impreza 2.0i Limited 4dr that was on the lot for 362 days. We needed to move the Impreza ASAP and we were able to accomplish this utilizing AutoHook’s Web2Show solution via our Dealer.com website. We did an increased, targeted offer for the Impreza’s stock number only of $100 for a test drive and sold the vehicle in just 4 days. We are thrilled with the quick turnaround of this specific vehicle targeting campaign and will definitely continue to use AutoHook’s solutions in the future.”

Gordon Gibbs, Internet Marketing Manager
Jim Burke Subaru


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Custom, on-demand strategies to fit your dealership's unique needs.

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Showrooming Becomes An Automotive Marketing Opportunity


*This article was written by Brian Pasch and was originally published on LinkedIn.

Mobile showrooming has become a part of the consumer shopping processes. Consumers can walk into any retail store and quickly compare prices and offers on their smartphone from online merchants and/or competing local stores. So, it should come as no surprise to automotive retailers that showrooming is occurring on the dealership's lot, service lanes, and showroom floor.

"If consumers check TV prices inside Best Buy for a $800 model they will be checking prices on vehicles that cost $40,000 - $50,000!" - David Metter

According to a 2014 Cars.com research report

"Mobile is a game changer, as shoppers actively seek out content on the lot. Fifty-one percent of auto shoppers used a mobile device to seek information related to price, payments and offers, while 29% checked inventory and 17% read vehicle or dealer reviews." - Mobile Device Use At The Dealership

My Interview With David Metter

I recently had the opportunity to interview David Metter, President of HookLogic, to discuss their new Mobile2Show product which enhances their current suite of solutions for the auto industry; Lead2ShowWeb2Show, and TradeHook.

HookLogic has created a powerful set of tools to using mobile showrooming as anopportunity to conquest local auto dealers. Using geo-fencing technology, HookLogic can present offers directly on the mobile device of a shopper that is visiting a competing dealership. These offers are designed to encourage the consumer to leave the competing dealership and drive over to their place of business.

HookLogic's recent integration of mobile wallet technologies allows dealers to present offers and reminders to consumers when they are near the dealership as well.

Watch The Interview

Take a minute to understand the many opportunities that dealers have to enhance their mobile marketing strategy with Mobile2Show.

A Surprise Benefit of Gift Cards

As you watch the interview you will learn a very important fact regarding the HookLogic marketing strategy; their data capture quality is the highest in the industry. David stated that their company has a 99% match rate on consumer data as compared to less than 60% for normal lead forms!

With accurate data, HookLogic can show dealers if a consumer purchased a car from their dealership, a competing local franchise dealer, or a competing brand.

When consumers will out a gift card form, they provide accurate personal information to have the card delivered to their home.

Since the company has very accurate data, they have the ability to create customized and relevant offers to consumers via direct mail and email (Lead2Show), as well a dynamic offers on a dealership's website (Web2Show).

Their partnership with IHS/Polk can enhance existing leads in a dealership's CRM and third party leads which the dealer purchases. This results in very targeted offers to consumers who are in-market shopping for a vehicle.

On average, 32% of all consumer who complete a HookLogic offer will come to the dealership and 60% will purchase.

Dealers who want to increase consumer showroom visits are advised to watch the interview and then contact HookLogic to get started with a comprehensive strategy to increase showroom visits from your website, CRM, and mobile marketing opportunities.

Hear David at DMSC 2015

David Metter will be conducting a workshop at the 2015 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) on April 12th. His workshop is entitled "How Showrooming is Changing the Way Dealers Sell Cars." Progress automotive managers are invited to attend the conference which is being held in the Napa Valley, April 12-14th.

Magnets Pick Up a Bunch of Scrap - Be Careful!

Few (very few) dealers are using "Magnets" to help with their lead acquisition. But think about it... magnets pick up a bunch of bad, unusable, and cheap metal. But the valuable metals like gold, silver, and aluminum need to be hand picked. Internet Leads for your dealership are quite the same.

At HookLogic, we use intelligent data to weed through the (s)crap and pick out the customers that are the most likely to buy a car at your dealership, either with our Web2Show or our award-winning Lead2Show solution.

See why dealerships all over the country are using HookLogic.

Put some REAL “Logic” into your online marketing strategy.

Picking up scrap
Picking up scrap
learn more
learn more

lead2show.com | 855-LEAD-2-SHOW

Dealer.com Dealer Results Using HookLogic

hooklogic ddc results
hooklogic ddc results

Okay - this gets exciting so follow me here...

Over the past few months, we have been talking about "Building the Ultimate Attribution Engine”.  As part of that story, we introduced our new Purchase Analysis Reports powered by IHS Automotive, driven by Polk.

Over the next few months, we are going to break down sales data by OEMs, vendor partners, and marketing campaigns. Drawing the line between digital marketing and a sale in the showroom has always been blurry..until now.  You are about to see why HookLogic is used by so many dealerships and manufacturer programs.

The data and results in the below "info-ish-graphic" represents the real results for 193 dealerships using HookLogic's Web2Show feature and are on the Dealer.com website platform. There's quite a bit of information included so lets break it down, starting from the top and moving our way to the bottom.

Before we get started - I would like to point out that we have partnered with Polk to help acquire and validate the lead close rates for our customers.  This is provided by matching all leads to Polk’s census of vehicle registrations for actual close rates of all new and used vehicles purchased by the consumer submitting the lead. You can’t get any better than the data Polk provides.

Moving on...

Starting from the top, you see "Leads Generated". During the months of  January 2013 – June 2013 HookLogic Web2Show generated 29,577 leads for dealers on the Dealer.com platform. Of the 29,577 incentivized vehicle shoppers,  9,814 customers walked into a dealership during this time frame to test drive a vehicle. Of the total amount of leads submitted, 1 in 3 showed up at the dealership for a 33% Lead to Show rate.

Now lets get to the final result - A SALE!

Of the 9,814 incentivized customers that walked into this group of 193 dealers for a test drive, 6,320 or 65% Purchased a Vehicle between 1/1/13 – 6/30/13.

Dealer.com HookLogic Results
Dealer.com HookLogic Results

Let's agree, HookLogic nor any other marketing / lead generating feature has a direct correspondence to how well your sales floor can close deals. However, let's consider this - J.D. Power studies show that consumers are now visiting LESS than 2 dealerships before purchase. That equates to a 50% show to close ratio on average by default. This group of dealers are closing Web2Show incentivized "shows" at 65%.

What's your dealers overall showroom or show to close ratio?

A better question might be - what's your dealers Lead to Show Rate?Because without shows, you sell...very little.

Let's be real, most dealers anymore do a good job at closing the customer once they show. How can you not, if on average consumers are visiting Less than 2 dealers before purchase? In todays world, it truly comes down to your dealers Show Rate. Whether it be from a lead originating from your dealers website form, 3rd Party Lead Provider, Online Chat or HookLogic Web2Show - if you can get more in-market shoppers to Show Up, you're going to sell more vehicles.

Dealers using HookLogic's suite of features get MORE  in-market shoppers to SHOW!

BTW - quick math for you internet managers that measure your Lead to Close/Sold, the closing ratio on Web2Show Leads generated from this group of  dealers was 21%.

Note: HookLogic has been recently added to the Dealer.comCertified Provider Program. In addition to expedited installation and training, this will provide you with integrated reporting in your dealer dashboard. HookLogic’s Web2Show and Lead2Show solutions can be added in the Marketing Upgrade Center or by clicking here