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5 Reasons to Visit AutoHook at Digital Dealer 23

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1. Get the Power to Cut Your Lost Sales in HALF!

Gain the power to know what you're losing. AutoHook is excited for the official launch our newest solution, Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA) taking place exclusively at Digital Dealer 23. TCA is the first-ever report that allows you to view and compare your own sales data versus the sales you lost, and defection trends to competing dealers or brands in your market. TCA instantly delivers a 360° analysis of your CRM data - exposing your greatest areas of lost sales opportunities tied to a specific competitor, salesperson, zip code, model, lead source, traffic source, or even time frame.

Using insights derived from TCA, dealers will have full control over their sales and marketing operations. The report is revolutionary in that it allows dealers to identify detailed lost opportunities tied to an individual salesperson, using data only hours old.

Read more about TCA >>

DON'T LOSE ANOTHER SALE! See how this Morrie's Automotive Dealership recouped over 50% of their lost sales opportunities using TCA. Read the Case Study >>

2. Channel Your Inner Celebrity & Take a Free AutoHook Limo

AutoHook is honored to once again be your #DD23 Transportation Sponsor! Whether it's your first time in Vegas or your 100th, cruise around the strip the way it was meant to be seen... from an AutoHook Limo - fully equipped with beverage service and free giveaways!

AutoHook's Limo Schedule:

  • Monday - 9:00am - 1:00am
  • Tuesday - 9:00am - 1:00am
  • Wednesday - 9:00am - 5:00pm

TO GET A FREE RIDE: Text the word "AutoHook" to the phone number 55678. Your personal driver will then contact you and take you to the next glamorous destination of your choice.

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3. Join David Metter on Tuesday 9/19 to View Your Market's Sales Trends From an Entirely NEW Perspective...

On Day 2 of Digital Dealer, David Metter will present, The Uncut Story Your CRM Can't Tell You. Witness this eye-opening session Tuesday, September 19th at 2:35 PM in Versailles Room 1. David will give dealers first-time visibility into their market's sales trends and demonstrate how to:

  • Define your greatest opportunities and losses tied to a specific lead or traffic source, salesperson, model, day, or zip code.
  • Identify defection trends of competing stores or brands in your market to reduce lost sales.
  • Continuously grow your market share by understanding what you’re losing.

Read more about David's Session Here >>

4. Get an In-Depth Review of Your Dealership's Performance

Meet AutoHook's Client Services Team face-to-face and review the results of your test-drive incentive campaigns. We’re not just there to throw numbers at you. We also provide our dealers with full circle execution on how to reduce lost sales and grow your market share using AutoHook's custom incentive solutions. We'll even set up customized, targeted campaigns for you. Learn about our latest technology (TCA) and make sure you're getting the most out of your current solutions! 

If you're already an AutoHook client, let your Client Services Specialist know you’re heading to DD23 and we’ll have a report on your dealership’s latest results ready to review with you.


Interested in learning how AutoHook delivers scientifically proven sales and showroom visits? We know your time is both limited and valuable. Get a $25 Reward if you complete a quick Demo at BOOTH 1035!

Or just stop by to say hello and pick up some free swag...

5. We Know How to Celebrate at Midnight

Last but not least, AutoHook is very much looking forward to sponsoring the Midnight in Paris Attendee Party - Tuesday, September 19th from 8-11 PM at the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at the Paris Hotel & Casino. Join the team at one of sin city's most exclusive outdoor venues.

See you in Vegas auto people!

AutoHook’s Vegas Adventure: DSES & JDPowerAMR Highlights

Brought to you by the AutoHook Marketing Team

Last week, the AutoHook team had the privilege of attending these two back-to-back events at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Our Vegas adventure began with the DrivingSales Executive Summit, or the “perfect storm of awesomeness,” according to DrivingSales Founder & CEO, Jared Hamilton, and ended with the J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable – a sophisticated gathering of the smartest minds in data, analytics, and automotive marketing.



AutoHook Limos

Pictured: April Rain

Pictured: April Rain


AutoHook Booth & Twitter Board

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth. It was awesome sponsoring the GIANT twitter board in the main ballroom. We were honored to keep the tradition alive!

Pictured: Lindsay Kwaselow, Ani Hagopian, Danny Benites, Andrew Pargoff, Brad Somervell - and can't forget KEVIN FRYE on the twitter board!

Pictured: Lindsay Kwaselow, Ani Hagopian, Danny Benites, Andrew Pargoff, Brad Somervell - and can't forget KEVIN FRYE on the twitter board!

Team Dinner at Yellowtail Sushi (Bellagio)

A little team-bonding with an incredible view and incredible food AND service.

Pictured: Ani Hagopian, Lindsay Kwaselow, Andrew Pargoff

Pictured: Ani Hagopian, Lindsay Kwaselow, Andrew Pargoff


Innovation Cup Awards

Congratulations to Steve White of Clarivoy for being the 2016 Innovation Cup Award Winner! Clarivoy came out on top and impressed the judges with their proprietary TV Analytics solution. Their new solution is designed to match advertising spot data with website visitors, providing a transparent snapshot of which TV ads influence sales.

Pictured: Jared Hamilton and Steve White

Pictured: Jared Hamilton and Steve White

The four other Innovation Cup finalists also deserve a special shout out and recognition for their participation in the event. More importantly, we commend these industry leaders for their efforts to change the automotive landscape for the better, through new and groundbreaking technology. Congrats to finalists, Tarry Shebesta, President of DriveItNow & Partner at GoMoto, Tom Gallaher, Co-Founder of AutosOnVideo, Bryan Harwood, CTO of Outsell, and Eric Miltsch, President of DealerTeamwork.


DSES ---> J.D. Power AMR

The chaos got real during the transition from the DrivingSales Executive Summit to the J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable. Thankfully, AutoHook leveraged some unbreakable teamwork (and a much needed rolling cart) in order to move from the Bellagio Ballroom to the poolside cabanas (in record time of course).

We all got a nice workout during what felt like a six-mile hike down to the pool. Except for our Client Services Manager, Ani…she got a VIP ride with all our swag boxes, courtesy of our Business Development Team Lead, Travis.

Pictured: Ani Hagopian & Travis Laufle

Pictured: Ani Hagopian & Travis Laufle

The J.D. Power AMR Kickoff Gala

Complete with live musical entertainment, delicious hors d’oeuvre stations, a fully stocked bar, a silent auction (…signed Taylor Swift poster anyone?) and only the best of the best were in attendance at the poolside kickoff party.

Pictured: Kelly Carven, Ani Hagopian, Travis Laufle, Andrea Demma, and TAYLOR SWIFT

Pictured: Kelly Carven, Ani Hagopian, Travis Laufle, Andrea Demma, and TAYLOR SWIFT


This was definitely the most jam-packed day of the week. So many sessions to see, data insights to absorb, and important connections to be made!

AutoHook’s Big Data Panel - We’ve Got the Data! Now What?

If anyone suffered the unfortunate tragedy of not being able to attend the J.D. power panel that had attendees fighting for seats and lined up against the walls, don't worry. Watch out for the official panel recap coming next week.

Pictured: Dean Evans, Kelly McNearney, Erik Lukas, Jenny Watson, and David Metter

Pictured: Dean Evans, Kelly McNearney, Erik Lukas, Jenny Watson, and David Metter

Poolside Meetings at our Bellagio Cabana

AMR Connect

The rooftop of Drai’s nightclub served as the perfect atmosphere to connect with industry peers while overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Thank you to Deep Root Analytics for sponsoring this great networking event.

A Night at Surrender

The AutoHook team sponsored our very own cabana at Surrender Nightclub Wednesday night at the Wynn. During the party, we met a lot of incredible people, got in some good team-bonding, and networked like we’ve never networked before! 


The team attended several content-packed sessions and ended the trip feeling inspired, armed, and ready for 2017.

Pictured: Roman Lesnau, Linda Yaccarino, Edward Erhardt, Steve Lanzano, John Tierney, Dean Evans, Kelly McNearney, Erik Lukas, Jenny Watson, and David Metter

Pictured: Roman Lesnau, Linda Yaccarino, Edward Erhardt, Steve Lanzano, John Tierney, Dean Evans, Kelly McNearney, Erik Lukas, Jenny Watson, and David Metter

…Until next time Vegas. 



4 Parallels of the Auto Industry and the NFL

By David Metter

The 2016 NADA conference in Las Vegas proved connections are the single most important factor of this business, and any business for that matter. To lead, you must be able to connect with a team, and from there an audience, and beyond that, the world. The focus should always be on that first fundamental building block – the team behind the vision.

Former NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning took the stage at this year’s convention and proved his understanding of business is quite on par with his athletic reputation. What he uncovered was the undeniable parallels between not only business-to-business connection, but also human-to-human connection, and how that translates into profitable success across any industry.

The leading players in automotive did not get to where they are today alone. They got there with a dream, an unbreakable team, partnerships, and connecting the right people with the right technologies. Real success is when a single great idea aligns with the individuals capable of making it a reality.

The following are four essential elements of success as they relate to both football and the car business – revealing the automotive industry may have more in common with professional sports than we ever thought possible.

1. Leadership: Whether you’re selling cars or competing for the Lombardi Trophy, risks, challenges, and losses are inevitable. It’s those companies and individuals that resurface when they fumble that show true strength. Leaders have a certain attitude that welcomes a challenge with open arms. Competition is embraced and sought after. Leaders are prepared for opposition and they manage problems with extraordinary effort. They are rarely, if ever, 100% satisfied and are in constant desire of taking an idea and making it bigger, faster, better, simpler, and more efficient. According to Manning, “Strong leaders must have the audacity to believe there is something more out there to reach for.”

The single dominating force that lives within all leaders is their ability to influence others. Leaders inspire individuals with their opinions. In any business, and really in life in general, fear is inescapable and it can paralyze a dream. However, leaders view fear as simply another challenge to overcome. Like potholes in the road, there will be obstacles that slow you down, or that may require a new tire, but they do not stop you. Manning says, “When the leader puts aside his or her fears and believes sometimes in the unimaginable, it stokes belief in others. Thinking like a team, but ultimately being able to deliver as one, raises everyone’s performance.”

Leaders in every business excel in their trades by unearthing and experimenting with new ways to compete, change, and ultimately win the game. Leaders have to be all in or all out. They must lead by example and a five-time NFL MVP winning quarterback reminds us that doing so “is not the main tool to influence others, it’s the only tool.” 

2. Teamwork: Just as a car cannot run without fuel, a leader cannot run without a team. Rather than allowing fear to get in the way, Manning recommends replacing apprehension with goals, and to “let your dreams lead you and work to cultivate that attitude in the people who work with you and for you.” To lead a team, you must be a present, active member of the team. You are not above your team and in reality you are always aware that you would not be where you are today without your team.

Honest communication with yourself and with those you work with is critical. When people work cohesively together and trust one another, magical things happen - and that applies both on the field and the showroom. “It’s about experience, taking all departments and all levels of a dealership and making communication easy for the consumers and the people that work in the dealership,” says Manning.

Like clockwork, great teamwork in business will lead to great experiences for consumers. A great experience does not end with your website, and it also doesn’t end in the showroom. It must resonate throughout your digital and traditional campaigns, your service departments, your finance departments, and your customer relationship management during the days, months, and years after a sale.

No company, no team, and no individual can advance without setting goals and implementing a unified approach to get there. Everyone needs to be on the same page for growth to occur. Team goals must be directly in line with your personal goals. There should be one vision; one path, one road and everyone involved needs to steer straight and keep their foot on the gas until that road ends, or until the goal is seized. Manning reminds us to “never underestimate the power of the team that made it possible for you to compile those results and stand apart from the best competitors in your business.”

3. Adaptability: No one has ever gotten ahead in this industry by doing things the same way forever. Like fear, change is inevitable and should be welcomed and embraced. The first rule of adaptability is a possessing a keen awareness of your strengths and weaknesses so that when change knocks on your door, you’re armed and ready. Manning notes, Being keenly aware of yourself, your team, and your competitive landscape is vital for any strong leader. When you’re taking inventory, first focus on identifying the real strengths of your team. Where are your weaknesses? Now flip that to your competition and ask the same questions.” In addition, to be adaptable requires the ability to turn inward and focus on what you as an individual can bring to the team.

Manning reminisces on his career during the 2015 season. He was faced with a new team, new coaches, new systems, and with that new obstacles. He had no choice but to adapt his leadership techniques yet again. “When the environment changes drastically around you, no one, including the leader, can take anything for granted. There is a ferocious need to communicate more clearly, concisely, and probably more often and hopefully without a middleman in the process.”

NADA chairman, Bill Fox was quoted in DealerMarketing.com recapping this year’s convention and recognizing how incredibly adaptable the auto industry has been for the last 99 years. He said, “If NADA is to be the voice of the dealer for the next 99 years, then we must recognize change, confront change and adapt to change. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

4. Endurance: The auto industry is cyclical and in constant transition. Each month is accompanied by both opportunity and unpredictability. Last year was one of the greatest and most profitable years we’ve ever seen. Today, we face a decline in growth rates in comparison to the last five years. The competition we now face is unprecedented. But let’s not forget that throughout history, dealers and manufacturers have survived wars, recessions, and bankruptcies. Endurance is something that runs deep in the veins of all who know and love the car business.

Manning emphasizes the importance of a system for a quarterback. He says, “In your business, that equates to the corporate culture and standard practices. When you’re in a system for a long time, you master that system.” Undoubtedly, endurance defines the automotive industry in the same way that it dictates the best teams and players in the NFL. This industry will remain vibrant as we always have because of this inner, indestructible tenacity.

Peyton Manning’s NADA address did more than just captivate an audience of 28,000 dealers, 700 vendors and countless automotive enthusiasts. He connected two drastically opposing billion-dollar industries in a way no one has ever recognized before – which is what being a game changer is all about. Progressive transformation doesn’t happen from running the same play over and over again. It happens when a new play is created that changes, and ultimately wins the game.

NADA 2016: Driving Connections

March 31-April 3 | LAS VEGAS

By David Metter

The theme of this year’s NADA Convention is defined by one very powerful word: “connect." I couldn’t imagine a more perfect term to define this industry. Everything is connected. From the individual parts, materials, and entities that unite to build a vehicle, to the methods dealers use to connect with their customers. The ultimate goal for manufacturers, dealerships, and marketers is to simply find a way to connect with potential buyers.

The avenues of connection are endless and constantly expanding. Real-time data analysis has connected probability with human intent, allowing us to better connect the dots that will ultimately drive more showroom traffic in 2016, which will also lead to more opportunities for human connection. Digital advertising doesn’t sell cars - people do. Experiences sell cars, and that applies to the online experience you offer all the way to the human-to-human interaction in the showroom. We need to leverage tools that will validate digital to showroom connectivity. It is equally important for our sales staff to be able to connect with customers in person when they arrive at the dealership. People buy cars from people they trust, that they share values with, and that know the ins and outs of their inventory.

Last year, NADA Chairman, William Fox mentioned in his keynote address, “Dealers are the face of their manufacturers in every town throughout America.” Which brings me to the point of how important it is for dealerships to have their digital strategies aligned with their OEMs and third-party partners. All messaging should relate to one another across all channels and be consistent at every level. It’s more important than ever for us to bridge the gap in the relationship between manufacturers and dealers. We’re all traveling along the same railroad. All initiatives should follow a single track as we ride the rails towards a single goal: driving buyers into dealerships.

NADA is so incredible because it provides endless opportunities to connect with and learn from other automotive leaders. This industry thrives on both competition and change, and this event is the cultivation of innovation, growth, and collaboration for all. 

3 Ways to Connect with AutoHook at NADA 2016:

1. Ride in Style with our Complimentary Limo Transportation: Thursday, March 31st - Sunday, April 3rd, AutoHook will be providing free limo transportation from the convention center to all your Vegas destinations. Just text “NADA” to 55678. 

2. Attend our Old Skool Hip Hop Party: Channel your inner table-turning party-starter at the freshest cocktail reception at NADA on Friday, April 1st at the Sayer’s Club at the SLS Hotel and Casino. Why have a three-hour boring dinner when you can enjoy food and bottle poppin’ at Vegas’ newest hotel? Take our complimentary limo service to and from the party. Regroup with your team and rest from the grind with a drink, or get jiggy to some Run DMC. Don’t forget to capture all these moments on camera at our exclusive hip-hop photo booth. Click here to request your invite.

3. Escape and Relax at our Poolside Cabana Lounge. When you are ready for a break from overcrowded exhibit halls, join AutoHook poolside at our VIP cabana lounges located at the Foxtail Pool Club at SLS. Have a meeting, receive a demo, or just hang out and have lunch or a cocktail. The lounge will be open Friday and Saturday from 10:00am-5:30pm. No meeting required, all are welcome.

For more details, please visit DriveAutoHook.com/NADA16. We can’t wait to connect with you!


Complimentary Limousine Service - On Us!

In the true meaning of HookLogic being a "Show Provider", we would like to provide you a ride to the "Show".

If you are attending Driving Sales, Digital Dealer or J.D. Power conferences this month, Follow HookLogic into Conference week 2013 as we invite you take advantage of our complimentary limousine service to shuttle you and your party between the conferences, your local hotel, and the Vegas strip.

We will be offering refreshing "beverages" while you enjoy your ride with us, compliments of MSCloud Services.

All you need to do is text the word VEGASLIMO to 55678 from your mobile phone and drivers will contact you to arrange for pickup.

The service is first-come-first-serve and our drivers will give priority to our HookLogic premier clients, OEM partners, and agencies of record so depending on the number of people requesting transportation you may or may not have to wait. The limos will be in service on Sunday between 12pm and 10pm and Monday through Thursday between 8am and 10pm.

HookLogic, the industry innovation leader in providing quality traffic into your showroom, looks forward to providing you quality ride to the Vegas fall conferences.

We hope that you have a great time in Las Vegas.