Increase Your Direct Mail Performance With This ONE Easy Feature

  Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of advertising, yet believe it or not, it's still one of the more effective, when done properly. 

In a recent study by Google, consumers were asked; during your vehicle shopping which form of advertising had the most impact in prompting them to start researching a particular make or model...

The #1 Answer - Direct mail. Beating out Video and Mobile advertising. Go figure, right!


If you've been in the car business for any length of time, you know our industry (dealers, agencies, and manufacturers) sends an enormous amount of direct mail each year.

Speaking from experience, there's one HIGHLY EFFECTIVE feature that should to be added to any targeted direct mail campaign in order to achieve some amazing results.

That feature you ask? Incentivizing the customer to visit the dealership for a vehicle test drive.

Some agencies / dealers will include a FREE vehicle safety kit, or a memorable dealer branded umbrella. Wait there's more! How about the chance to WIN a car or trip to the Bahamas? For many consumers, these offers come across as being hokey. Instead, let's increase the show rate, while effortlessly tracking attribution of your next direct mail campaign by incentivizing the customer with a  gift card to one of their favorite retail outlets, or a Visa gift card good for anywhere. A higher perceived value yields better results.

More qualified shows equates to more sales. This is exactly what the top direct mail and email agencies are finding out as they test drive our AutoHook Incentive platform for agencies, like Team Velocity.

Agencies aren't the only ones that can leverage HookLogic AutoHook's incentive platform. Dealers using our full suite of products have access to our Bulk Incentive Generator for smaller in-house direct mail campaigns.

If you would like to increase your show rate –  contact us for a complete demo of our AutoHook Suite of Products and receive a $25 Gift Card .