Customer Service at HookLogic - AutoHook

They say a typical business hears from only 4% of it's dissatisfied customer. Only 4%.  Does this mean 96% of their consumers are satisfied? Of course not. There could be several reasons why the typical business only hears from 4%, but I would like to focus on one.

Ease of communication. 

How easy does the typical business make it for dissatisfied consumers to reach support or the right person? How easy is it for a consumer to reach someone that can address their concerns at your dealership? Something to think about, no doubt.

Let's be honest - the reality is, very few people welcome complaints. A disgruntled consumer is never fun to deal with - it takes talent and experience to turn a consumers lemon into lemonade. Is there something you can do to help prevent the buildup of disappointment a customer may experience?

Here at HookLogic, we believe the secret to great customer service is encouraging our customers to communicate with us their concerns, questions and ideas pro-actively. We help accomplish this by offering several points of contact for support.

If at anytime YOU have a question, concern, idea or just want to say hello - below is a list of the many channels we offer for you to communicate with us:

customers experience admin support
customers experience admin support

Customer Support Hotline - This one is a given but you might be surprised by how many people do NOT pick up the phone. For our customers that would like to talk to us by phone, our main line number is 855-LEAD-2-SHOW (855-532-3274). Give is a call if you need something.

Fast, Effective Email - We have a dedicated email for dealer support - dealersupport@hooklogic.com. Do yourself a favor and add our email to your address book so you have easy access and there's no need for you to remember it . While you're in your address book, go ahead and add our phone number too :)

Chat - As many dealers are leveraging chat to obtain sales leads, we offer chat to our customers for support. When you log into your dealer admin, you'll notice we have a chat bubble in the bottom left of your browser. There you can see if we have a support representative online to chat (we usually do during business hours). If for some reason there's no one to chat with, please leave a message and we will get back with you ASAP.

Not only do we offer Chat within our dealer admin, we also have it on our main website - leadtoshow.com. If you have a question, you can chat with us right from our website without having to log into your admin.

Also - You'll soon notice a chat icon in the bottom of our support emails and weekly email reports.

Don't be shy. If you have question, a concern, an idea on how to better leverage our services at your dealership, or maybe you just want to get to know us better, use ANY of the above channels to communicate with us here at HookLogic.

Our customers are using the industry's best technology to increase their lead to show rate and sell more cars each month. On top of that we want to offer you the industry's best customer support and experience.

We look forward to hearing from you!