AutoHook rolls out MyGiftCardStatus.com


The AutoHook team is pleased to announce the launch of our new AutoHook fulfillment portal, MyGiftCardStatus.com!  The new portal allows your customers to easily inquire about the current status of their AutoHook Walk-in incentive.  The benefits of the Customer Portal include: Customer: Gives them a tool to easily look up the status of their Gift Card. Gives them a simple mechanism to contact support.

Dealer: Decreases the number of questions they receive from consumers related to their incentive.

How does it work?  When a customer receives a incentive voucher they will learn about the portal via the AutoHook system emails.  The link will also be included on the voucher itself.  When a user goes to the portal they will be asked to enter their voucher code. Depending on the status of their voucher they will receive one of the following messages:

Voucher Not Redeemed:  If a customer enters a code that has not been marked as redeemed, they will be presented with a form that can be used to plug in details of their dealership visit.  These requests are passed to Auto Support, and then forwarded along to the dealership for appropriate follow-up.

Voucher Redeemed (But Today’s Date is prior to the expected arrival date):  If the customer’s voucher code was redeemed within the past three weeks, the user will be shown the estimated arrival date of their incentive and a note stating that the card is likely still in the process of being delivered.  The customer’s address information is also displayed, along with a link allowing them to contact us via the “Contact Support” form.

Voucher Redeemed (Past the expected arrival date):  If the voucher code was redeemed and it is more than three weeks after the redemption date, the customer will be shown a screen with the date that their incentive should have arrived by.  The user’s address information is also displayed, along with small form allowing them to request additional follow-up on the on their incentive’s whereabouts.

If a user does not have a coupon code, or just has a general AutoHook related question, they can submit a generic “Customer Support” request.  All requests are logged and available within the Administration area of the UI.  Additionally, details of all requests are forwarded to the Auto Support group.  The customer is also emailed to let them know that we have received their request.  For those that are looking for details on activating a Prepaid MasterCard Card, we will direct them to our Incentive Network Prepaid Card Center.  From here, customers are able to activate their Prepaid MasterCard, check transaction history, etc.

We are excited to offer this new solution to our dealership, agency, vendor and OEM partners.  We would like to pass along a special thank you to our advisory board dealer customers that helped provide input for this project.  We look forward to rolling out other tools that benefit you and your customers.