Beach Balls, Limos, and Hip Hop: Not Your Typical NADA Experience

By The AutoHook Marketing Team

If AutoHook wanted to blend in with the other 700 auto vendors at NADA 2016 in Las Vegas, we would have followed suit and done the typical exhibitor space - complete with a booth, signs, gimmicks, prizes, and cute girls to welcome you. But in true AutoHook fashion, we took the road less traveled in order to provide a unique, more personal experience for our clients, partners, prospects, and friends.

In case you missed it, below is a recap of the DriveAutoHook NADA 2016 Experience.

  • The Beach Ball Experience: We wanted to offer more than a sign and a booth. We wanted to offer an escape. The AutoHook team took over three cabana lounges at the Foxtail Pool at SLS on Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd. We had a great two days of meetings, fun, and bonding with clients and friends. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us!

  • The Old Skool Hip Hop Experience: AutoHook kicked off a hip-hop-themed Friday night in Vegas at the Sayer’s Club at SLS. The party featured complimentary drinks, appetizers, a super fly DJ, and a tricked-out photo booth that was the hit of the evening. As you can see below, everyone had a great time while representing the AutoHook HQ in Detroit, MI. 

  •  The Limo Experience: AutoHook was the exclusive limo sponsor of NADA, making our limos available to the public (not just clients or prospects) but to everyone. The goal was to create an atmosphere that facilitated sharing and connecting, while riding in style.  

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  • Let’s Not Forget the Winning Experience: PCG Consulting’s annual AWA awards ceremony was a night filled with automotive’s best of the best, all in one room, sharing in sweet, sweet victory. AutoHook brought home our fourth-consecutive AWA, recognizing our Marketing Solutions. Thank you to Brian Pasch and the entire PCG team for this honor.

Year after year, the NADA convention center redefines chaos. Dealers are bombarded with information and newly released products left and right – not to mention the hundreds of companies claiming to have the latest tech that can do what no one else in the industry does. What AutoHook did for NADA mirrors what AutoHook does in everyday business. Meaning, we offered an experience for people to remember. This year, we wanted to be synonymous with the words ease, fluidity, and fresh air - as opposed to hectic, crowded, and stuffy. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!