AutoHook Powered by Urban Science Provides Open API Access to Their Industry Leading Redemption Platform and Attribution Engine at No Cost

AutoHook powered by Urban Science announced they are providing all vendors with free and open access to their private offer and redemption API in efforts to streamline and advance actionable automotive data.


AutoHook has taken the first official step towards unifying quality data to improve sales attribution metrics and validate marketing initiatives for both dealers and manufacturers - while allowing preferred technology providers and agencies to simultaneously “ride the rails.”

“Our goal is to create one railroad system, fueled by the data that vitalizes all partner solutions in order to unite the automotive universe and change it for the better,” says David Metter, President of AutoHook powered by Urban Science. “In a world where everyone charges to be connected, we want to be the player to not charge so that we can connect stronger.”

Dealers typically have to pay a fee for vendors to integrate with other providers. AutoHook is opening their API for the purpose of sharing information for the benefit of all parties involved. Today’s dealerships fight a collective battle against two ongoing challenges that waste time, energy and money. The largest pain point being the overwhelming lack of access to accurate, timely sales data. The second problem is the disconnects, or holes in communication that form when two vendors don’t work properly together, thus creating cracks in the industry’s ability to attribute sales to a single source.

“There are a million different ways to drive traffic into a dealership, but there’s only one showroom. AutoHook has laid the redemption rails within thousands of dealerships across the country, serving multiple manufacturers and it’s time to open this up to further assist our dealer and OEM clients,” adds Metter.

Since 2011, AutoHook has served the industry by accurately driving and measuring showroom visits through their private test drive incentive platform. In 2015, AutoHook was acquired by Urban Science and has since had access to near real-time sales performance data, allowing them to provide the industry’s most reliable and up-to-date attribution metrics. Vendors will have free access to AutoHook’s API along with their showroom visit attribution reporting. In addition, they can utilize AutoHook’s unique code generation technology in order to track specific user behavior. Participants will also have the option to access AutoHook's unrivaled sales match validation data.

By providing free, open access to their API, AutoHook plans to create beneficial alliances that will improve conversion rates, lead generation, attributable showroom traffic, and performance reporting for all partners.

About AutoHook, powered by Urban Science 
AutoHook, powered by Urban Science provides targeted incentives that convert at every touchpoint. Their solutions integrate across all three automotive tiers to drive more incremental sales, more new to brand buyers, more showroom visits, and optimum conversion rates across channels. AutoHook has shattered the trend of vague industry metrics with concise attribution reporting that proves actual ROI. No other digital endeavor has come close to mastering AutoHook’s ability to attribute all showroom visits and sales to a single campaign while delivering show rates of up to twice the national average. Drive Conversion. Drive Showroom Visits. Drive the Experience. Drive Sales at DriveAutoHook.com.

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