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Using Triggered Links to Personalize Offers

Triggered Links for Personalized Offers
Triggered Links for Personalized Offers

According to academic literature as referenced in a recent White Paper by Bronto called, "Automate, Increase Engagement, & Drive Revenue with Triggered Messages," the average maximum, continuous adult attention span on the Internet is less than 30 seconds and the focused attention span is less 8 seconds. Those facts mean you have precious little time to get your subscribers’ attention, keep it and, as a result, optimize where it matters. Based on these statistics, it comes as no surprise that relevance and timeliness drive responses and generic mass messaging comes up short. In order to compete for inbox-­, mind-­ and wallet-­ share with your customers, your messages have to relate to them instantly.

An easy, and often overlooked way to expand a successful email marketing program is to include trigger-­based email campaigns. Since these actions are triggered by specific actions and behavior, your email marketing will be more relevant, more effective, and ultimately increase conversions.

When leveraging triggered-based workflows in your email marketing program it is important to consider some best practices to ensure your triggered campaigns are successful. To help with this we have two resources for you:

  1. Download Bronto’s White Paper which has in-depth information surrounding triggered messaging in general.
  2. Attend our Best Practices webinar to learn how to utilize the Triggered Link capabilities available in the AutoHook Web Suite.

Register for our Upcoming Free Workshop

On Wednesday July 18 at 11:30 AM EDT, HookLogic Automotive’s Director of Business Operations Ryan Gerardi will be leading the monthly Best Practices webinar to demonstrate how to use Triggered Links within the AutoHook Web Suite. In this webinar, Gerardi will...

  • Show examples of how Triggered Links are being used now
  • Demonstrate how Triggered Links work
  • Explain the process of setting them up
  • Answer questions surrounding strategic planning and implementation

Participation to this live web cast is free and there is no obligation to attend if you register and do not attend. A recording of the web cast and the presentation deck will be made available to those that register.

> Click here to register for the event on GoToWebinar

Automotive Workshops Using Google+
Automotive Workshops Using Google+

Join Us on Google Hangout and On Air Too

We are are also experimenting with the use of Google Hangout and On Air for our live events now too. If you are interested in attending the Hangout for behind-the-scenes and face-to-face interaction then click here to RSVP for this event on Google+ and make certain your are online and logged in to Google at the time of the event (Wed July 18 @ 11:30 AM EDT).

Hope to see you there!