Key Partnerships Set the Stage for Innovation

Good partnerships can go a long way in the auto business. They aren't always easy to establish or maintain and sometimes they come with challenges and limitations, but when you have an opportunity to do business with another company that doesn't just use your product but has the ability to take it to new heights, that is when you want to put your options on the table. Throughout the past several months, we here at HookLogic have been busy introducing the AutoHook Web Suite to dealers and  other automotive organizations throughout the automotive space and building our own presence online and throughout. We have been implementing AutoHook onto dealer websites across the country and even started experimenting with the technology in other implementations.

During this time we have also been forging key strategic relationships with a small handful of players in our space, and this week as it turns out we have the fortune of announcing two of these new key partnerships just in time for this year's NADA conference in Las Vegas.

ActivEngage and HookLogic Partner to Provide Comprehensive Solution for Automotive Dealers

The first of these is our newly formed partnership with activEngage. Based out of Orlando, FL, activEngage is the industry's leading chat provider who as made quite a splash in our space these past couple of years. The company's track record with dealers using activEngage's chat solution on their websites is second-to-none and with the inclusion of HookLogic, activEngage and its dealers will now have the ability to benefit from HookLogic's large incentive network to qualify even more customers during the chat process and bring those people into dealership showrooms. Naturally we are excited about the possibilities here and look forward to seeing how our technology and incentive marketing stand in the online chat environment.

Dataium and HookLogic Partner to Give Dealers New Auto Shopper Insights

In addition there is the announcement about our partnership with Dataium. Based in Nashville, TN, Dataium is the industry's leading data utility company that provides critical business intelligence insight through the aggregation and analysis of consumer activity from across the Internet. HookLogic has partnered with Dataium to provide intelligence specific to our Lead to Show product.

The partnership with Dataium puts both companies on a platform to achieve something that has been virtually unattainable until now. With Dataium, dealers using HookLogic now have the ability to reach out to potential customers with precision timing that was only dreamed of before now. As a result, dealers using HookLogic's Lead to Show 3.0 product will be able to automatically re-activate old leads based on behavioral indicators demonstrated by previously identified auto shoppers.

What this Means for Dealers

While growth and success are important, so too is knowing how you got to where you are and who helped you get there. For HookLogic dealers, these new partnerships set the stage for even more innovation and in this case this innovation will be among some of the industry's leading players.

The technology behind HookLogic has been tested and proven in numerous environments, mostly outside of automotive considering that HookLogic got its start in the travel business helping online travel booking sites such as Expedia.com better monetize its online reservation system. Our experience in e-commerce will benefit our dealers and our partners by streamlining the incentive marketing process and bringing more people into our dealership showrooms to buy new vehicles.

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