The Importance of Embracing Responsive Web Design

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There is such a wide range of digital mediums available for consumers to connect with dealers - like personal computers, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Even "wearables" are in the near future (Google Glasses). Some people rely on PCs for performing work related matters while using tablets and smartphone to meet different requirements, like shopping.

The availability of these different touchpoint options have made responsive design an inevitable aspect and today, dealers have no other option but to customize their website and content layout, depending on the particular devices that the visitor is using at that given time.

Why do car dealers need to embrace responsive web design?

Nobody can undermine the importance of responsive design and car dealers are no exceptions. Various studies clearly show that more that 33% of vehicle purchases come from online-generated leads and the recent trends suggest that this figure is going to increase drastically in the immediate future.

When consumers shop for cars, they use different devices and in order to meet the requirements of the customers at every  touchpoint, car dealers need to consider being responsive to these different devices.

Still, many dealers undermine the fact that mobile has been increasing at a rapid pace and it's going to be tough to survive in this fiercely competitive marketplace if we keep underestimating the importance of responsive design.

Don't be one of those dealers that undermines the importance of the mobile experience.

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