Hooklogic Launches New Web-to-Show & Virtual Incentives

We have some BIG NEWS to announce. Two announcements matter of fact!

[video width="836" height="555" mp4="http://leadtoshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/2014-12-03_22-42-17.mp4"][/video]

Hooklogic Launches New Overlay & Virtual Incentives.

The New and Improved Web-to-Show Overlay:

After several months of  A/B performance testing, we are ECSTATIC to be introducing our biggest design change for Web-to-Show. After years of utilizing our current highly effective Web-to-Show overlay design, we have re-worked it from the ground up.

The new overlay is more sleek, more user friendly with improved performance. During the initial testing phase, the improved Web-to-Show resulted in more 1st party leads from your own dealership website with ultimately more shows.

Get to know the new features:

  • Easier navigation
  • New look and feel
  • Carousel style rotation of gift card selections

An overall seamless experience for the consumer. Watch the video above!

On Monday, December 8th, 2014 (Today) we will be rolling out the new and improved Web-to-Show and Virtual Incentives out to each of our dealer clients. So be on the lookout!

Virtual Incentives:

Going forward your customers will receive the option of  Instant Virtual Incentive sent to their email or the standard shipped card (visa option only) in the mail. Our new Virtual Incentives offers the benefits of:

  • Instant Gratification for the Customer
  • Immediate Dealership Credibility
  • Customer is no longer asking ‘where is my card?’

If you have any questions about the new Web-to-Show or Virtual Incentives, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any questions.