GM iMR Approval for Mobile2Show, Lead2Show & Web2Show

Today.. we are announcing that GM has approved Mobile2Show, our new mobile targeting and showrooming solution.

“We’re pleased that our Mobile2Show, Web2Show and Lead2Show solutions have been approved for GM’s iMR turnkey matching,” said David Metter, president of automotive for HookLogic. “It further validates what thousands of dealers already know: HookLogic drives the highest-intent buyers into their showrooms, making their job of selling a car easier. Even more, having the ability to attribute a showroom visit and a sale back through our Polk attribution reporting gives GM dealers great power.”

GM previously approved our Web2Show and Lead2Show and are extremely excited to be offering Mobile2Show solution to their dealers as well.

Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC dealers who use our AutoHook’s Suite of Solutions currently drive a very low average cost-per-lead, cost per-showroom visit and a cost per sale. And matching funds drive those costs even lower in real terms, by, in effect, splitting the cost per lead between automaker and dealer.

What is Mobile2Show?

Web2Show is our new solution that intelligently delivers incentives to people who display in-market behavior and meet certain targeting criteria. It helps dealers to conquest customers away from a the competition and into their showroom. The new responsive design enables the display of a call to action on mobile devices or the dealer’s mobile site. Once clicked, the incentive is delivered by email or text message and the customer is promptly connected to the dealership through the e-delivery of driving directions, or via phone.

To schedule a demonstration any of the AutoHook Suite of Solutions, visit:http://www6.hooklogic.com/autodemo. And to find out more about this GM iMR turnkey program call: 855-lead-2-show (855-532-3274).