Contest Winner - "What percentage of Generation Y are open to buying ANY brand of vehicle?"

monthly HookLogic Automotive Contest Winner
monthly HookLogic Automotive Contest Winner

In last months newsletter, our contest question was "What percentage of Generation Y are open to buying ANY brand of vehicle?" The possible choice of answers included: 13% 27% 43% 54% <-- the answer!

This must have been a real stumper of a question; with less than half of the participants choosing the correct answer - 54%.

Seems like a large percentage to me. But according to a recent study by J.D. Power and the article around the study, more than half of Gen Y online shoppers are open to buying ANY brand at the beginning of the shopping cycle for their next vehicle.

How much focus should be placed on Gen Y buyers?

Well, they're increasing in market share at the greatest rate among all new-vehicle buyers" and are now responsible for more than 20 percent of all retail sales. That's a substantial group of buyers.

Another interesting stat from the study - of the Gen Y automotive consumers who go online during the buying process, 47 percent use smartphones -- the highest among any demographic, the study found. I believe that! More and more, potential consumers are on their phones "showrooming" while standing on your dealers showroom floor. I discussed topic of "Showrooming" during my DSES2013 presentation with Ryan Leslie. What are you doing to help prevent this from happening on your dealers showroom?

…back to the contest.

Of the participants that submitted the correct answer, we chose 1 WINNER. The winner receives a $100 eGift Card courtesy of HookLogic, of course.

And -- the winner is ….. Adam Owens!!

Adam Owens - Contest Winner
Adam Owens - Contest Winner

Adam is the Internet Internet Marketing Director for the Herb Connolly Auto Group and heads up the Internet Lead Management, Internet Sales and Online Marketing for the group. Adam has been with Herb Connolly for just over 7 years.

Not only did Adam win this contest but also wins additional Lead to Shows each month using HookLogic's full suite of dealer products. The Herb Connolly has been leveraging Web2Show and Lead2Show for over a year now with amazing results.

A big Congratulations going out to Adam from the HookLogic Automotive team!

Who will be our next winner?

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