How to Turn Chat Conversations into Qualified Test Drives


Chat is proving to be one of the more effective ways to convert website visitors into qualified buying prospects. For auto dealers, automotive chat is a tool that can be leveraged internally and externally to produce a certain desired result. But what exactly is a that result? Is it to produce a lead? And what is a lead really?

Is it a person’s contact info or is it a person interested in buying a vehicle soon that has agreed to communicate with you in some form or fashion?

How to define a lead is tricky, but having a qualified buyer appear in your showroom is not. 

With ActivEngage’s new partnership with HookLogic, auto dealers will very soon have a tool for incenting qualified car buyers in online chat conversations on a dealer’s website to come in for a test drive and meet with one of your sales associates.

This is just one of several ways that ActivEngage will be able to utilize HookLogic’s innovative reward incentive programs in their managed chat conversations for auto dealers.

And later this week on Friday May 18, ActivEngage, National Sales Director Ralph Eberson will be on stage with HookLogic as part of our AutoHook Advanced User Webinar series. In this live event, Ralph will discuss the benefits of managed chat for auto dealers and how integrating with HookLogic enables ActivEngage to bring yet one more cutting edge tool into the mix for its dealership community.

About Ralph Ebersole

Ralph Ebersole - ActivEngage
Ralph Ebersole - ActivEngage

Ralph D. Ebersole is a Regional Director of Sales for ActivEngage. A recognized Automotive Digital thought leader, he brings more than 30 years of automotive industry experience, consulting and training expertise. In markets across the country, Ebersole has also consulted in-dealership with thousands of sales representatives to optimize traffic and drive more sales. Visit Ralph on LinkedIn.

Live Event

Join us this Friday at 11:30 AM ETD for a live GoToMeeting Webinar event hosted by Ryan Gerardi of HookLogic with Guest Presenter Ralph Eberson from ActivEngage.

Register Now: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/417484190

There is no cost or obligation to attend this webinar. Your information will be shared with HookLogic and with ActivEngage when you register for this webinar.