HookLogic Is The Official Driving Sales Executive Summit Show Provider!

We Are The Official DSES Show Provider!


Everyone LOVES our complimentary HookLogic AutoHook Limo service. And who wouldn't? Arriving to your Hotel and the Driving Sales Executive Summit in style is a sweet offer.

If you’re attending DSES 2014 this Sunday, take advantage of our complimentary limousine service. to shuttle you and your party in style between the conference, your local hotel, and some of the amazing parties.

Starting Sunday October 12 at 8:00AM text ‘vegaslimo’ to 55678 for rides to and from the airport and to and from your Hotel and the conference. Limousine service will also be available up until 10:00pm each night of the event. Not only will you driving around is class, but our limos will be stocked full of “refreshing beverages” (BOOZE) – compliments of  Ryantech Cloud Services .

Rides are on a first come, first serve basis and no reservations can be made in advance.  We hope you enjoy the HookLogic limousine service.