Know the Future and Know Your Customer with Dataium's Cloud Intelligence

Dataium Cloud Intelligence Webinar
Dataium Cloud Intelligence Webinar

One of the greatest challenges automotive sales professionals experience in their jobs is knowing when the right time is to follow up  on a lead that only a few short weeks or months ago had expressed an interest in a vehicle at your dealership but never came through as a sale. But now-a-days with so much tracking available of people and their online behavior, the days of guessing are going away. A New Era

With each click, search, and submission, consumers leave behind valuable and insightful data and statistics about their habits, interests, and future behaviors. Like footprints in the sand, these behavioral events leave behind digital footprints---data. These footprints, when collected, aggregated, and analyzed, provide important information regarding online purchasing behavior and activity, consumer trends, interests, and intent, and the effectiveness of promotions and web design.

One such company that knows this all too well, is the data utility company Dataium. Founded by industry gurus Jason Ezell and Eric Brown, Dataium is the largest aggregator of automotive Internet shopper behavior. The company tracks tens of millions of behavioral events weekly and is the only cross-platform website analytics solution.

There are three things that Dataium does very well...

  1. Knowing the Future - Today's shopper behavior predicts tomorrow's shopping trends.
  2. Knowing Your Customer - Dataium sees the entire online buying process, from keyword usage, inventory searches, lead submission, and everything in between.
  3. Knowing Your Website's performance – Unlike most other web analytics providers, we enhance website statistics with comparative industry, brand and market benchmarks. As an independant web analytics provider our only goal is timely and accurate metrics.

It is these things and the information that Dataium is able to collect and analyze that led to HookLogic's partnership with Dataium earlier this year. And it is these things that Dataium will be discussing on April 18th in our Advanced User webinar.

Cloud Intelligence Webinar - April 18

Slated to talk about this fascinating topic is Dataium Enterprise Account Manager Sean Murphy. In this webinar, Sean will introduce Dataium as a utility company and bring to light the many types of information about people and their online behavior that companies like Dataium are able to track. He will also dive in to the three things identified above that puts Dataium above the fray in these areas.

Sean Murphy of Dataium
Sean Murphy of Dataium

Sean Murphy is a car guy and tech geek with more than 20 years of experience in both the automotive and enterprise IT sectors.  He is currently the Enterprise Account Manager for Dataium, helping bring Dataium's solutions to a variety of automotive clients.  Prior to joining Dataium, he was a cofounder of Buycentives, which developed technology to deliver data-driven incentives to online auto shoppers; he spent several years at leading ad agency, JWT, delivering product and consumer insights to Ford Motor Company; and worked for almost a decade at GM's Saturn Corp., handling everything from product strategy and planning to dealer sales, service, and parts.

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This webinar will be held on Wednesday April 18th at 11:30am EST as part of our Advanced User Series. To register, click the link below. For more information about the AutoHook Webinar Series, visit our post titled, AutoHook Webinar Training Coming in January.

Wednesday April 18 at 11:30am EST – REGISTER HERE