LIVE WEBINAR RECORDING: How to Hit a Conversion Home Run Before Paying for Click$

FACT: $61.5 billion will be spent on search and display alone in 2016. 

If the majority of your digital budget goes into SEM and banner ads that drive shoppers to your website, but you don’t first ensure your site has the ability to convert at a high rate, YOU ARE WILLINGLY THROWING MONEY IN THE GARBAGE! It’s like throwing a pitch to home plate without a catcher. It just doesn’t make any sense!

Digital marketing MVPs focus first and foremost on conversion metrics and let all other KPIs take the bench. By first mastering conversion, the thousands of dollars you spend driving traffic to your site each month will be validated. Website traffic, page views, and impressions are great, but also irrelevant without proof they led to a sale or conversion. In essence, we need to reevaluate which metrics really matter.

In this incredible 1 hour webinar, David Metter will round all the bases to teach attendees these Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to focus on the metrics that result in incremental sales and new-to-brand buyers.
  • Define which reporting metrics are paramount in maximizing the ROI of your ad dollars.
  • Decipher which vendors are major league players that will actually lift your website conversion and provide clear, proven, and complete attribution models.

If you are ready for the Big Leagues and want to learn How to Hit a Conversion Home Run Before Paying for Clicks, then you simply can’t afford to miss this presentation!