Volkswagen Dealerships Using HookLogic – Performance and Results

Volkswagen is one of our first OEM partners. We've been increasing the lead-to-show rate for a lot of VW dealers over the last few years. Let's take a look at the performance for our Volkswagen dealers in 2014.

Purchase Analysis Report for Volkswagen dealerships:

Volkswagen 2014 hooklogic performance


24,825 Hooklogic Leads were generated and incentivized for our Volkswagen dealer clients during the months of  6/1/2013 – 5/31/2014

Of the 24,825 incentivized vehicle leads, 7807 walked into a Volkswagen dealership that utilizes HookLogic’s suite of products to test drive a vehicle after engaging with either Wed2Show or Lead2Show. That makes for a 31% Lead-to-Show rate. This is more than twice the national average (17%) Show Rate on internet leads.

Volkswagen Sales Match Data

Of the 24,825 leads that were incentivized and walked into this group of Volkswagen dealers for a test drive, 64% (nearly 6 out of 10) purchased a vehicle.

This group of Chrysler dealers are closing HookLogic incentivized showroom ups at 64% with an overall Internet lead closing ratio of  20%.

Most dealers do a good job at measuring their lead closing ratios and closing the customer once they’re in the showroom. What dealers miss out on measuring is their Lead-to-Show rate. A very important stat.

Loyalty/Defection and Conquest Sales

The Loyalty/Defection rate for our Volkswagen dealer's is 66%. Meaning, of those customers that sent in a lead for a Volkswagen, bought a Volkswagen. Our Volkswagen dealers also have a  64% Conquest Sales Rate.

*A conquest sale occurs when a consumer purchases a Volkswagen vehicle and did not already have a Volkswagen vehicle in their garage. Volkswagen's average conquest sales rate: 41%. 

Whether it’s a lead originating from your dealer’s website, 3rd Party Lead, Online Chat lead or HookLogic Web2Show – By getting more in-market shoppers to Show Up at your Volkswagen dealership, you get more opportunities to make a sale.


If you're a Volkswagen dealer and looking to increase your website leads, internet closing ratio or your lead-to-show rate and overall sales opportunities, Call 855-LEAD-2-SHOW or contact us to learn more.