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HookLogic To Be Integrated Into ROI-BOT Dashboard

Matthew O'Such of ROI-BOT announced that dealer reporting from HookLogic will be integrated into the ROI-BOT dashboard.  HookLogic joins a growing list of automotive vendors that support data transparency, portability,  and executive level central reporting to increase the visibility of the ROI that their services provide to dealers. Specifically, ROI-BOT will increase the visibility of the ROI generated by HookLogic's AutoHook redemptions and other important metrics.

ROI-BOT is a single-login solution for car dealers to visualize their key data metrics for search, social, chat, advertising, reputation management, call tracking, third party classified sites, CRM performance metrics, and much more. ROI-BOT provides even greater value for dealers that own multiple franchises since the software provides enterprise reports.

For additional information visit: http://www.roi-bot.com

What is a Good ROI and What is a Good Performance Standard?

5 Tips to Measure ROI at Your Dealership Presented by The AutoHook Training Showw/ guest @JimBtheCarGuy

Are you looking to improve that ever-elusive lead-to-show ratio? How can you unless you know the best leads to focus on? And what are some ways to do this without hurting your show-to-close ratio?

These are important questions that all dealers must strive to know if you want to stay ahead of the game in today’s increasingly more competitive digital landscape. But before you address these questions it might be best to get a firm grip of your Return on Investment (ROI).

Measuring ROI with Jim B the Car Guy
Measuring ROI with Jim B the Car Guy

Measuring your ROI can be a daunting task and our friend Jim Bell, otherwise known as @JimBtheCarGuy has offered to show us some methods he is using at  from Don Ayres Honda in Fort Wayne, Indiana where Jim is Internet Performance & Marketing Director.

On Tuesday September 11 at 2pm EDT, Jim will be leading a live web event with us where he will be covering the following best practices for ROI that he applies:

  • What is a lead and what counts?
  • Why is it important to watch your ROI on a monthly/weekly basis?
  • How to calculate your ROI effectively
  • How to calculate your cost per lead
  • How to calculate your cost per sale per vendor
  • What is a good ROI and what is the standard you should be at?
  • How do you make decisions on what you have found in your reporting?

The web event will be conducted using GoToWebinar. To attend simply click the button below to register and you will receive a unique access code. If you want to include other people at your dealership then forward them the registration link or simply share this page. GoToWebinars are limited to 100 people so be sure to register right away if you wish to attend.

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About the Presenter

Jim Bell is Marketing and Internet Performance Director at Don Ayres Honda in Fort Wayne, IN where he has been for the last 3 years. Jim manages all internet and marketing strategies within the Dealership for Sales, Service, and the Parts Departments. Jim also is the Blogmaster of JimBtheCarGuy where he shares his experiences and insights as an automotive professional. You can also catch him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Jim has been an AutoHook customer since March 2012.

About AutoHook Webinars

HookLogic Automotive conducts multiple training and best practice webinars throughout each month. All are conducted using GoToWebinar and some are simultaneously run using a Hangout on Google where people can participate in a video chat discussion. The monthly Best Practices webinar typically features a guest presenter and has a different topic each month. These webinars are scheduled for the 18th of each month. The AutoHook Training Show is a weekly Hangout that is simulcast using GoToWebinar. Most of the time there is no set agenda or speaker for the weekly Hangouts, giving AutoHook users a chance to interact with us face-to-face. Sometimes such as in this case the weekly “training show” is being dedicated to a specific topic or best practice. The best way to stay informed about our training events is to subscribe to our blog and register with each GoToWebinar series. Once you are registered for a particular series then you are automatically registered for all events within that series. For more information about our webinars visit the Training Resources page on our website.