What are you doing to prepare for 2012?


With the holiday season approaching, this is a great time to reflect on your accomplishments and begin to gear up for the next year. There is a lot of new stuff going on right now in the auto industry, and we at HookLogic are glad to be part of the coming era unfolding before our very eyes. In preparation for 2012, HookLogic has made some strategic commitments to help foster growth inside its new automotive division which recently hit market after years of testing and prototyping at various auto groups such as MileOne, Lithia, Suburban Collection, Herb Chambers, and others.

Adding momentum to its innovative solution set for automotive dealerships, several key players were added to the mix, including one of the most influential bloggers in automotive - Jeff Kershner, founder of DealerRefresh which is a leading thought-leadership and strategy source for car dealers and manufacturers. You can read more about this and other personnel additions here.

In addition to personnel additions, HookLogic also launched a new microsite to represent AutoHook not as a lead provider but as a show provider. The microsite can be found at www.leadtoshow.com. It offers rich information about the product, a live demo, and an opportunity to request a sales demo via phone, text, or email.

To top things off, HookLogic Automotive is also rolling out a monthly newsletter this month to more intimately inform and engage our current customers, friends, and allies, as well as our own Facebook page, Twitter handle @lead2show, and YouTube channel.

The newsletter will feature select content from the AutoHook team and also highlight other great content out there in the automotive blogosphere that we are sourcing and/or sharing across our social media channels. Please join us in one or more ways to let AutoHook be part of your online experience and we will be sure to reciprocate. You can subscribe to our blog using the sign up box in the sidebar.

Here's to the an adventurous and prosperous new year ahead.