Video: HookLogic and Friends at DD12 Orlando

HookLogic at DD12 Orlando
HookLogic at DD12 Orlando

Here is our video on YouTube from the 12th Digital Dealer Conference at Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida in April 2012. You will see it introduces members of our sales team that were there including Vicki O'Neill with the Great Lakes Region, Clarence Romero with the Northeast Region, Shawn Maiorino with the Southeast Region, and Jeff Kershner, National Sales Director.

Auto event diva April Rain of Digital Rain Management leads the way in this one with interviews from new kids on the scene to "heavy hitters" like Mark Boyd and Jesse Biter who landed a spotlight scene with a big plug for the Dealers United deal with KPA.

Clarence was a big help in our NADA 2012 video and he came through again at DD12 on an interview with Devon Sciortino from Thornton Chevrolet mentioning AutoHook.

Ben Anderson from AutoMotion TV also has a segment in here. Ben conducted an extensive interview with us at DD12 with George Peters from McGeorge Toyota in Richmond, VA. A piece of it is in this video.

PR maven Sara Callahan conducted a 2-question interview with Auto/Mate President Mike Esposito, a portion of which can be found in the video.

Another segment is from an excerpt of the David Metter DD12 Automotive ZMOT Panel Video where Andrew DiFeo and Tom White Jr. have two contrasting realities concerning stimulus advertising.

Also appearing in the video is Layton Judd from 3 Birds Marketing. Phil Penton from SocialDealer. Jeff Clark and Ali Amirrezvani from DealerOn.

Last but not least you will see clips from the ActivEngage, Haystack, HookLogic party at the Blue Martini Lounge.

Enjoy and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like the video, share it and all that jazz. Thanks.

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