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For most dealers, the goal of an Internet marketing strategy is simple: more leads and more sales.

For such a simple goal, the creation of an effective strategy is anything but. Internet marketing requires the use of multiple channels to raise awareness and drive people to your dealership’s website; including SEO/SEM, display ads, email marketing, third-party sites and more.

More than 90 percent of customers begin their shopping process on the Internet. The ability to track IP address activity, interpret behavioral data and draw meaningful conclusions from that data is transforming the marketing landscape. Attribution is the digital roadmap that helps dealerships successfully navigate this new environment.

Today’s customer journey from awareness to sale happens across numerous touch points. A consumer may conduct research on one web site, then move from a search engine to a blog to a review site, then click on an ad, all over the course of weeks or months. Your dealership brand may appear to a customer multiple times along their shopping journey, so how do you know what specific marketing effort leads to the sale?

In our new eBook, we reveal the latest best practices, strategies and tools being used by dealerships to not only track your specific marketing effort but also improve the performance of of each channel.

Download our new eBook
Marketing Attribution: The Auto Dealer’s Digital Roadmap from Awareness to Sale

Our suite of products – Web2ShowLead2Show and our new Mobile2Show provides one of the most powerful attribution models available. It gives our dealers incredible insights to consumer behavior so they know which marketing channels, campaigns and efforts are influencing customers at critical junctures during their decision-making process.

Marketing Attribution: The Auto Dealer’s Digital Roadmap from Awareness to Sale shares how dealers are using innovative applications of AutoHook’s incentive marketing tools and direct attribution models to increase leads, sales and marketing investment ROI.

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