HookLogic Integrates with OEM Conquest Direct Mail Campaign for Dealer Success

On the heals of multiple success stories with our digital solutions, HookLogic has branched out over the past year and participated in various dealership and OEM advertising and marketing campaigns. For example, earlier this spring an OEM reached out and requested the HookLogic quickly integrate its offerings into a Conquest campaign. With only a week to prepare, HookLogic leveraged its API that allowed unique codes to be distributed for over 50,000 mail pieces. The direct mail campaign targeted customers that drove competitor vehicles but never purchased the intended OEM’s cars. Almost immediately, the dealerships saw success with customers showing up to test drive thier cars. At the end of the campaign, HookLogic was able to report a “show rate” of almost 2%, unheard of with a conquest direct mail campaign. This success has led to larger campaigns. As a second example, another national campaign launched this month reached almost 1 million targeted codes. In the first week alone, there were nearly 500 test drives. If you or your agency deliver one-to-one email, direct mail, and voice campaigns, contact HookLogic for more information on how integrating our solutions can drive higher conversion and lower cost per sale.