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AutoHook™ enables you to:
  • Create a highly targeted incentive campaign
  • See an unprecedented view of conversion opportunity
  • Understand performance based on industry-wide data and insights
  • Track attribution faster and more accurately than ever before

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Converts traffic from your website into more showroom visitors. Prospects that visit your site are invited to choose a free gift, redeemable by visiting your showroom.


Maximizes your third-party leads using immediate scoring via data partners to identify and immediately target the customers with highest intent to buy.


The first-ever report that allows you to view and compare your own sales data versus the sales you lost, and defection trends to competing stores or brands in your market.


The demo must be completed with an interested party. Interested party must be affiliated with the Automotive Industry. AutoHook reserves the final decision to redeem or refuse any reward card, certificate or coupon.