Hyundai Program Details


AutoHook® + Market Master™


AutoHook, powered by Urban Science is proud to announce the integration of their conversion solutions into MarketMaster for Hyundai. Within the MarketMaster dashboard, dealers and OEMs can locate and quantify missed opportunities and lost sales revenue. The integration is designed to increase showroom visits and drive conversion of customers, many of which are new to the Hyundai brand.


An AutoHook consultant will work with the dealership to analyze and target their lowest performing metrics to drive market share growth. The dealer’s AutoHook solutions will be programed with specific parameters to target missed opportunities in areas with low conversion rates.

AutoHook’s MarketMaster™ Integration Will

  • Convert lost opportunities into showroom visits
  • Increase conversion rates and drive more sales
  • Diminish lost revenue
  • Help dealer’s gain market share and decrease pump-in sales
  • Incentivize and target buyers in key zip codes to visit the participating dealership

Dealer Results of a Recent Regional Campaign

  • 460 more sales opportunities per year, per Hyundai Dealer
  • 39% of the targeted leads visited a Hyundai showroom
  • 72% of leads that visited a showroom bought a Hyundai vehicle
  • 67% did not previously own a Hyundai vehicle 

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AutoHook Solutions

Convert more web traffic and leads into
high-intent showroom visitors

  • Web2Show
  • Lead2Show
  • Mobile2Show

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

On-Demand Strategies to Fit Your Market’s Needs

  • Conquesting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Model Targeting

Hyundai Performance

  • 10,747 Leads Generated
  • 4,553 Walk-Ins
  • 42% Show Rate
  • More than 50% Showroom to Close Rate
  • 67.4% New to Brand

Increased Conversion

  • Double your show rate
  • Increase market share
  • Accurately track the ROI and attribution of
    your marketing initiatives

See What Real Dealers
are Saying About AutoHook

"Since beginning with AutoHook, our third party lead conversion rate has increased dramatically. Our website conversions have also increased using their web overlay incentives. We’ve been very happy with the level of support we get from the team, and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship and seeing more great enhancements come down the pipeline."

- Andrew DiFeo | General Manager
Hyundai of St. Augustine


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