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2016 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference

At the Beautiful Napa Valley Marriott Resort and Spa

AutoHook is a proud sponsor, speaker, and exhibitor of DMSC 2016

David Metter's DMSC Workshop

Game Changers: Those That Change the Game, Win the Game

Game changers step, or rather leap out of the box. In fact, the four lines that comprise of this figurative mental blockade are completely invisible in the mind of a true leader. There is traditional, predictable thinking, and then there is the kind of thinking that obliterates the box and refuses to believe it exists. This session will cover the latter type of strategy. We all know that measurable growth – real success, occurs outside of your comfort zone. Today, dealers must think differently to change the game. This session will teach you how to demolish the imaginary lines that make up the box in order to take your marketing to new heights and ultimately, win the game.

The Digital Marketing Strategies Conference is a high level executive planning event, designed to assist automotive dealers with creating a market dominating digital marketing strategy for the year ahead.

Our workshops are hands-on, intimate, highly engaging and rich in content designed for dealers, managers, and Internet sales professionals who want to stay ahead of their local competition.