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Partner Solutions

Are you an agency, 3rd party site, lead generator, or auto industry vendor looking to drive more leads, showroom traffic, and sales for your customers? Do you want to differentiate your business from the competition?  Behind the scenes, AutoHook, powered by Urban Science, can power your campaign, driving more sales and a better ROI with our industry-leading technology and sales matching data.  

3rd Party Sites

OEMs & dealers want more out of their 3rd Party Site media buys and AutoHook, powered by Urban Science, can deliver. Leveraging AutoHook’s API and expansive OEM & dealer network, you will be able to offer your clients a solution that will track consumers all the way into the showroom.  



Building one data railroad

One Industry. One Railroad. One Unified Path To Sale

Announcing Free, Open API Integration For All

AutoHook, powered by Urban Science provides free and open access to our API in efforts to streamline actionable automotive data. By partnering with other best-in-class providers, we can offer validated, enhanced marketing solutions for all dealers and OEMs.


Revitalize Your Marketing Solutions With:

•    Free access to near real-time sales data from Urban Science
•    Showroom visit and sales validation data
•    The industry’s most reliable, up-to-date attribution reporting
•    Access to AutoHook’s unique code generation technology to track user behavior and more accurately attribute sales
•    Partnerships to help you improve conversion rates, lead generation, and performance 


Digital Advertising & Retargeting

It seems like everyone offers a digital advertising package.  Differentiate your retargeting campaign with AutoHook, powered by Urban Science. 


Bulk Code Generator Tool

Using AutoHook’s Bulk Code Generator Tool, your agency can easily append trackable codes to your direct response campaigns. This allows you to accurately account for showroom visitors and have a higher percentage of sales matches, which will show your customer your true value. 


Social Campaigns

Add real conversion to your social campaigns. With AutoHook, you can provide your customer with the industry-best attribution; from ad click to form fill to showroom visit to sale.