DAS Eligible Subscription

Convert more web traffic and leads into
high-intent showroom visitors

  • Web2Show
  • Lead2Show
  • Mobile2Show

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

On-Demand Strategies to Fit Your Market’s Needs

  • Conquesting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Model Targeting

Kia Performance

  • 22,338 Leads Generated
  • 6,472 Walk-ins
  • 68% Show to Close
  • 71% Conquest Rate

Increased Conversion

  • Double your show rate
  • Increase market share
  • Accurately track the ROI and attribution of
    your marketing initiatives

See What Real Dealers
are Saying About AutoHook

"AutoHook has consistently been one of our top closing ratio vendors and they also provide an effective tool to follow up with those customers who fill out the form but have not taken their test drive yet. We initially started out with Web2Show but quickly realized with our high closing ratios month after month, we needed to incorporate their Lead2Show product as well. We currently use this product for our Hyundai and Kia locations as well as our Nissan and Volkswagen location."

- Liz Kelly | Digital Marketing Director,
Suntrup Automotive Group
(Kia South | Kia West County)


Adapt or Die

The Auto Dealer's Digital Adaptation Survival Guide

If one thing remains constant in the automotive industry, it is that change is inevitable. Change will never cease to come along and disrupt the way we play the game. Just like baseball, dealerships and OEMs continue to introduce new rules into their playbook due to the inescapable realities of change and evolution. This eBook will provide automotive marketers with four vital rules that will give you the adaptation skills you need to prepare for the imminent digital disturbances of the future. 

  • RULE #1: Constantly Reevaluate Your Game Plan
  • RULE #2: Seek Out Change Before You Strike Out
  • RULE #3: Never Settle for Mediocre Players
  • RULE #4: Deliver a Grand Slam Ballpark Experience