Case Studies


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Rogers Hyundai Sees Significant Drop in Defection Across Operations with AutoHook's Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA)

Rogers Hyundai needed a way to make sense of their CRM data to expose inefficiencies in their sales process. They had no way of knowing which sales and marketing efforts were tied to the highest number of lost opportunities. They needed a solution to pinpoint operational areas of high defections in order to implement changes to reduce lost sales and close more deals.

Morrie's Brooklyn Park Subaru Tells Lost Sales To "GET LOST" With AutoHook's Traffic Conversion Analysis (TCA)

In a down market, Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Subaru experienced a considerable decline in lead volume from April to June of 2017. In addition to a large drop off in leads, their lost sales and defection rates were significantly higher than the national sales trends. They needed a solution to identify the source of all lost sales and a strategy to reduce the rate of defection to other dealers, while growing their market share in surrounding zip codes.

Boucher Hyundai TRIPLES Sales Efficiency With AutoHook Incentives

In order to overcome the challenges and heightened competition of a flat market, Boucher Hyundai needed a way to protect their territory by increasing their market share, improving their sales efficiency, and reducing the incidence of lost sales to other dealers in their PMA.


In a down market, Germain Ford of Beavercreek needed a way to increase their overall market share and reduce the amount of pump-in sales lost to competitors. Leveraging sales match data from Urban Science, AutoHook determined Germain Ford was losing over 50% of sales to competing dealers in their market (usually referred to as “pump-in”).