AutoHook, powered by Urban Science is proud to announce the integration of their conversion solutions into MarketMaster for Ford and Lincoln. Within the MarketMaster dashboard, dealers and OEMs can locate and quantify missed opportunities and lost sales revenue. The integration is designed to increase showroom visits and drive conversion of customers, many of which are new to the Ford brand.


An AutoHook consultant will work with the dealership to analyze and target their lowest performing metrics to drive market share growth. The dealer’s AutoHook solutions will be programed with specific parameters to target missed opportunities in areas with low conversion rates.

AutoHook’s MarketMaster™ Integration Will

  • Convert lost opportunities into showroom visits
  • Increase conversion rates and drive more sales
  • Diminish lost revenue
  • Help dealer’s gain market share and decrease pump-in sales
  • Incentivize and target buyers in key zip codes to visit the participating dealership

Dealer Results of a Recent Regional Campaign

  • 460 more sales opportunities per year, per Ford Dealer
  • 39% of the targeted leads visited a Ford showroom
  • 72% of leads that visited a showroom bought a Ford vehicle
  • 67% did not previously own a Ford vehicle 

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See What Real Dealers
are Saying About AutoHook

"The results have been amazing…AutoHook has provided one of the best returns on investments that I have ever worked with. During my first six weeks, I have invested about $1500 and in return, I put over $50,000 on the books."

- Matt Buchanan | Dealer Principal,
Sarasota Ford


“This product has the highest ROI
of any tool we use."

"We leverage AutoHook through Web2Show and Lead2Show. The AutoHook leads are ones I want my team to follow up with immediately. The customers are browsing our inventory pages, and we want them in our dealership and not someone else’s. We know that when an AutoHook lead is coming in that the customer is basically stating that they plan on visiting our showroom for a test drive.

We integrate MarketMaster Online to create an actionable plan to target the trends that are rapidly changing in our market. We sell vehicles to customers outside our market who come in with these test drive offers, and we are able to attribute an increase in showroom traffic and sales with the AutoHook incentive offers. This product has the highest ROI of any tool we use and are constantly trying to challenge what is capable with it.”

- John Martin, GSM
Germain Ford of Beavercreek

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

On-Demand Strategies to Fit Your Market’s Needs

  • Conquesting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Model Targeting

Ford Performance

  • 32,155 Leads Generated
  • 9,838 Walk-Ins
  • 31% Show Rate
  • 68% Showroom to Close Rate
  • 57% Conquest Rate

Increased Conversion

  • Double your show rate
  • Increase market share
  • Accurately track the ROI and attribution of
    your marketing initiatives

Adapt or Die

The Auto Dealer's Digital Adaptation Survival Guide

If one thing remains constant in the automotive industry, it is that change is inevitable. Change will never cease to come along and disrupt the way we play the game. Just like baseball, dealerships and OEMs continue to introduce new rules into their playbook due to the inescapable realities of change and evolution. This eBook will provide automotive marketers with four vital rules that will give you the adaptation skills you need to prepare for the imminent digital disturbances of the future. 

  • RULE #1: Constantly Reevaluate Your Game Plan
  • RULE #2: Seek Out Change Before You Strike Out
  • RULE #3: Never Settle for Mediocre Players
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