AutoHook Celebrates One-Year Anniversary at Urban Science

Hello All,

An eventful year has passed since AutoHook joined the Urban Science family. After reflecting upon the course of the past 12 months, I can't help but feel that this decision has been thoroughly validated by the apparent success of our combined operations. Working closely with Urban Science has resulted in AutoHook becoming a stronger entity. As expected, Urban Science was and still is the perfect choice for entering into an expanded corporate culture that offers improved services for all of our clients.

At AutoHook, we've continued the tradition of promoting highly qualified individuals from within our ranks. Congratulations go to Logan Dybdahl, Travis Laufle, and Ani Hagopian for well-deserved elevations to their current positions as team leaders. With such talent on tap across our entire staff, AutoHook has a bright future indeed.

It's been amazing to watch how cleanly the integration of AutoHook and Market Master Online has been accomplished. The two separate systems have coalesced into a solution that drives greater insights and actionable steps for our Ford and FCA dealers. In addition to the integration with MMO, the superior results provided by the AutoHook suite and validation data supplied by Urban Science have attracted new OEM relations. Our latest addition is a national program launch with Hyundai, including all dealers in the retail network and an eventual launch on We also anticipate Hyundai to be the first OEM to roll out full integration with Service Smarts Online. This national rollout is due, in no small part, to the outstanding synergy between USAI and AutoHook team members.

Our company strength is perhaps best illustrated by our ability to consistently secure the most robust validation data for exclusive and incremental leads, top-prospect showroom visits, and ongoing sales performance within the intensely competitive automobile industry. This strategic competitive advantage shows itself in our current and upcoming partnerships with Ford, FCA, Nissan, GM, Subaru, Hyundai, Mazda and KIA, not to mention the thousands of automobile dealers who trust our solutions to boost their profitability and ensure the best possible return on their marketing investments. 

These efforts and those on the horizon got a voice when they were shared at our first Dealer Advisory Board here in Atlanta, Georgia, where some of our most engaged and knowledgeable clients gathered to discuss the future advancements of AutoHook’s technology. I couldn’t have been more pleased to witness the collaborative dialog that ensued between our dealer clients, Urban Science executives, and AutoHook’s development and customer support teams.

I wish to credit an unwavering thank you for the hard work and passion put forth by the entire AutoHook team, who not only weathered a logistical upheaval but also embraced change. Their dedication to each other and our clients are at the heart of AutoHook’s stellar culture. Personally, I couldn’t be more proud of them. In this age of uncertainty and doubt, I am blessed to have incredibly reliable and trustworthy mentors, partners, and peers. I also would like to thank the wonderful people within the Urban Science family for all their hard work in making the acquisition go as smoothly as possible. Without your enthusiastic participation, complete integration might have taken much longer. I'm proud to be part of such a remarkable team.

On behalf of the company and from my heart, I wish you and your family the very best in the great year that awaits ahead for you and all of our colleagues at AutoHook!


David Metter | President, AutoHook Powered by Urban Science