Auto Attribution eBook

In the Internet Age, changes are coming at car dealerships so quickly that it can sometimes feel that in the time it takes you to get up to speed, you’ve already fallen behind. Big Data is available, but what do you do with it? Social media is huge, but how do you tap into it? SEO can have a big impact, but where does it fit in your priorities? It also gets confusing when the path-to-purchase is not just online or offline but a mix of both as consumers are influenced by email, social media, video, TV, billboards, direct mail, mobile apps, and on and on. In effect, more advertising channels means more ways to reach potential consumers, but also much more complicated analysis to determine if their investment is working. 

This eBook Contains:

  • Attribution in the Past
  • Attribution Today
  • Attribution in the Future
  • How to Ensure Proper Attribution at the Dealership Level